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terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

LittleBits, Impressão 3D livre, Auriculares Sugru, e duas Bicicletas acopladas

A Inventables oferece-vos agora toda uma gama destes intrigantes littleBits, que vos permitem contruír circuitos Electrónicos, como se fossem peças de Lego:



a littleBit of geeky fun!

littleBits is an open source library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets for prototyping, learning and fun.


Este novo processo de Impressão 3D vem libertar a Deposição 3D dos limites da Gravidade, por depositar num Gel, o que lhe permite nada menos que imprimir em 6 graus de liberdade, ou seis eixos...
E ainda permite VOLTAR ATRÁS!

Printing in gel takes 3D printing freeform and enables an undo function

Randall Marsh

The additive layer process of conventional 3D printers means they are usually limited to bottom up fabrication on three axes. The Mataerial printer managed to defy gravity by using a quick-solidifying print material, but now the LA-based NSTRMNT team led by Brian Harms, a Masters student at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, has created a 3D printing process called suspended disposition that gets around gravity by printing objects within a gel. Not only does this allow freeform additive fabrication on six axes, it also enables an "undo" function.

Vejam mais um uso para o Sugru, assim, não deixam cair, constantemente, os Auriculares:

Sugru Hacked Headphones

How do you keep your ear-bug headphones from falling out? Why not hack them with some Sugru and make them wrap-around.

E eis algo de engraçado, e úttil, uma maneira de uma Bicileta rebocar outra:

Parent-Child Tandem - Non-Standard Connection

This instructable is relevant only if you have a FollowMe-Tandem (or Family-Cycling) parent-child bicycle connector and the two standard options for connecting the system to your bicycle don't work.

This weekend project has been documented in two Instructables. The twin Instructable can be found in the Non-Standard Child Bicycle Fit to Tandem with Adult Bike.

In Step 1 of this Instructable the FollowMe Parent-Child-Tandem is being introduced. Steps 2 and 3 explain how I managed to fix the FollowMe-Tandem to a towing bicycle in a non-standard manner (the standard ways didn't work). Finally, in Step 4 some words are being spent on the license of this Instructable.

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