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quarta-feira, 10 de julho de 2013

Drone você mesmo! E variantes num Desenho, Pi Lite, e uma Câmara Fotográfica para imprimirem em 3D!

Eis um Kit para fazerem Quadracópteros do que acharem por aí!
Vem com as partes essenciais impressas em 3D, e depois, façam voar...O que quizerem!

Drone It Yourself turns random objects into RC quadrotors

James Holloway

If, like me, you've always felt that your books, record collection and years' of otherwise accumulated matter was lacking flight capability, you might be interested in Jasper van Loenen's Drone It Yourself project which turns more or less anything into a quadrotor drone with addition of a few motors and a control unit.
According to van Loenen, all the plastic parts, which include the clamps to attach the motors, can be 3D printed in ABS, with the appropriate files made available on van Loenen's website. The clamps used may not work with more unusually shaped objects, but there's nothing stopping anyone from designing their own custom variants.

Por falar em variantes, eis o Programa Medusa 4, que vos permite fazer variantes infinitas dum desenho-base, alterando as dimensões, ângulos, etc. a qualquer momento, que o Desenho muda automáticamente:

Video: An Introduction to Smart Drafting, SMART Edit and Parametrics in MEDUSA4

An introduction to dynamic design creation and editing with Smart Drafting and SMART Edit (MEDUSA4's "Parametrics on Demand" tool), as well as a first look at MEDUSA4 PARAMETRICS - an add-on module, which is also included in the free MEDUSA4 Personal™ 2D/3D CAD software


Já se fez de tudo com o Raspberry Pi, pois agora, fez-se um Letreiro Luminoso, com as tradicionais letras a correr!

Pi Lite white - Bright white LED display for Raspberry Pi


What's a Pi LITE?

We keep hearing, "I've got a Raspberry Pi, but done nothing with it yet" so what we thought was "what can we make that requires no soldering, is plug and play, fun, physical and practical."
The Jimmy Rogers LOL shield for the Arduino is a great bit of kit and where we took our inspiration from. It makes a Raspberry Pi "do something" that normal computers just don't. After all if we'd just have wanted dull computers we'd not have bought a Pi right?
What to do with it?
  • Your twitter feed in real time (see code below)
  • "Get off my chuff" message the car hanging off your bumper!
  • Some games are possible such as pong, Tetris etc
  • Status screens/icons from a distance
  • Daylight visible where LCD cant be seen
  • Bargraphs, VU meter and other dashboard type apps
  • And so much more

Eis mais uma Máquina Fotográfica Open Source, que podem imprimir em 3D, quase na totalidade, 

3D Printed Camera : OpenReflex


The OpenrReflex, a research about desktop 3D printing, open design and hacking.
100% Open-Source ! Fell free to copy, understand, improve then share again !

The OpenReflex is an Open-Source analog camera with a mirror Viewfinder and an awesome finger activated mechanic shutter (running ~ 1/60°s). What's more, it's compatible with any photographic lens with custom mount ring.
All the pieces easily printable on an recent RepRap-like ABS 3D-printer without using support material ! Everything should print in less than 15h and anyone should be able to assemble it within 1h.
All parts are separate ( Film receiver, Shutter and Viewfinder ) to simplify builds and modifications.
The source files are available under the CreativeCommon By-Sa license, fell free to modify them if you want a new feature, and don't forget to share your improvements on the web ;)

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  1. Gostaria de saber onde compro este kit para quadricóptero preciso para área rural e não tenho grana para comprar um tipo phantom poderiam me ajudar?
    33 35232118
    33 99513067

    1. O melhor é falar com estes amigos pelo facebook, e ver onde está o FabLab mais próximo da sua zona, eles lá, gostarão de certeza de o apoiar: