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quinta-feira, 13 de junho de 2013

Robots à brava!

Começa por dois Robots feitos com Arduino:

Um para Principiantes, e atenção, feito por um Professor, que ensina Robótica a alunos de Liceu, isto é que é categoria:

James - Your first Arduino Robot

So you want to make a robot? Don't know where to start? How about you learn how to make a robot with me and make James!
James was made as part of a Robotics Class I teach to a few high school students.

I called him James in memory of my late Grandfather James Henry Edwards who passed away 14-3-2013. He loved teaching and helping kids and died doing what he loved, hopefully this James will carry on that legacy.


Neste exemplo, vai-se mais longe, com um Robot Plantador!
Robótica e Jardinagem, isto antes, era Ficção Científica...

Seed Spreading Robot


Last summer it was brought to my attention that you could buy nearly everything you needed for automated lawn care but a seed spreading robot. This intrigued me. For starters, why on Earth would anyone make lawn care robots in the first place? There are countless reasons this seems like a bad idea. Secondly, a seed spreading robot sounded like a bizarre robotic cross between Wall-E, and Johnny Appleseed. The idea clearly had potential.

So, when asked if I wanted to actually take on the challenge of building one, I obviously responded with a definitive yes. Even though I personally don't own a lawn (my backyard is concrete and weeds), it seemed like an opportunity too good to pass up. In terms of actually using it, I found a willing victim in Glenn Derene of Popular Mechanics. He was more than happy to let this thing loose on his lawn (along with a slew of other robotic lawn care contraptions). So one fateful day last summer, I tightened the last bolt, wrote the last line of code, packed it up safely, and shipped it cross country to meet whatever fate lie in store.


Ficamos a saber duas coisas com o Robot a seguir, a primeira, que existe uma placa bem mais pequena que o Arduino, a Atiny, e a segunda, que, coberto com uma carapaça hemisférica, isto dava um Brinquedo para Gatos fenomenal...

Artoo [R2] (ATtiny2313 Wall Avoiding Robot)


Since I had a lot of ATtiny2313s lying around I wanted to do something cool with them, I thought for a while and then decided to make a simple wall avoiding robot with the ATtiny2313, an ultrasonic sensor and 2 motors.

Its an easy to make and simple robot which runs on a very small amount of code so as to support and work with the ATtiny2313.

For those of you out there who want to make a small robot with the Arduino processing, but you are not able to as the Arduino is too big for a small robot, then this is the perfect robot for you!

Since the ATtiny2313 chip is much smaller compared to the Arduino, it fits in almost anywhere, which allows you to make a small simple robot which evades walls.


Voltando aos Arduinos, não será um Robot, mas serve para muita coisa, desde pesquisa científica a protecção florestal, passando pela monitorização de habitações, um Colector de Dados Ambientais:

Mini Arduino enviroment monitor


This is an Example of how you can use the Arduino to monitor various environmental parameters And display them on a LCD screen. 

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