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quinta-feira, 6 de junho de 2013

Façam um Quadracóptero numa Hora! E um Ponteiro Laser regulável! E não percam as pecinhas...

Fazer um Quadracóptero... Numa Hora!
Estes dois não parecem ser Super-Homens, mas gente como nós, por isso, se eles fizeram isto, vocês também podem.
Atirem-se ao projecto.

Cheap, Sturdy, 1-Hour Quadcopter
Here's a quadcopter build that we did in under an hour to win a bet.  We've got some experience building and took some shortcuts (such as using a flight controller from another unit, saving us the time of having to configure it), but I think it's reasonable to say that most makers could build this frame and get everything installed in a day, and still have some time left over to start flying it.

The frame is made from wood... 3/4" x 3/4" fir for the arms, and 1/4" plywood for the body.  It's cheap and sturdy... It will take some pretty serious abuse, and if you break it it's easy to repair.  The power system (motors, motor controllers, battery) is pretty standard, and uses easily obtainable parts.  The flight controller board is an Ardupilot Mega.

About us:  We're Mark Harrison and Andreas Oesterer.  We've been flying planes, multicopters, and assorted drones for a couple of years.  If you like this instructable, come visit us and see what else we're up to!


Um Ponteiro Laser regulável que vocês podem fazer em casa, é um instrumento regulável tanto em Potência como em Foco.
Podem fazer este Projecto, e usá-lo para o que quizerem, tão forte e focado para queimar papel, ou tão fraco e desfocado para brincarem com o Gato, (ainda assim, com cuidado)...
E tem um aspecto impecável!

Homemade laser pointer

Last week i purchased a laser pointer for my little brother, I told him to be careful with it. Two days later, he opened the laser and broke it, he was sad and i decided to make a new one.
I started to look for instructables about laser pointers and there were laser drivers, laser burners, laser spirographs... But no simple pointers from dvd readers laser diodes (i didnt want to buy a new laser on the internet and in my small city i didnt find any).
Then i decided to mix all instuctables i saw to make a easy laser pointer with some recycled materials. (I didn't made it able to burn because it is mainly for my brother)

Enjoy that instructable and make your own laser.

Isto faz uma falta aos Engenhocas que nem sei explicar, porque todos nós acabamos coleccionando as Ferramentas e pecinhas de mil e uma origens, e para não as perder, eis algo que podem levar para a Garagem, para o Telhado, para as Exposições de Invenções e Modelismo, etc... 

the best bit holder

Regain control of all those loose 1/4" tool bits with this durable bit holder.
Fast, cheap, easy, and useful.  Truly. A great Father's Day Item - you can make it quick!

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