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terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2013

Desktop Gremlins, como se faz o Livro! e Cubify no Casamento, Um Inventor com coragem, eum Helicóptero pequeninino...

É incrível como a Impressão evoluiu, observem esta maravilha, sobre os passos da Impressão de outra maravilha, do nosso amigo David Landiss, o livro dos Desktop Gremlins, que Vídeo de categoria...

Desktop Gremlins Paper Craft VLOG - printing a book! 

As production of Desktop Gremlins, Volume 1 THE BOOK has been taking place, I've had the opportunity to create some video features for you to enjoy.

A Cubify tem várias novidades, desde desenhar com os dedos até aos bonecos 3D com a vossa imagem, para o vosso Casamento, passando por novos Materiais, por isso vão lá:

New Cubify 3D printing materials

New materials now available! Whether you’re looking for full color printing, great flexibility, extreme detail or beautiful translucency, Cubify materials offer a special combination of practical and aesthetic properties. We use state of the art 3D printing technologies to bring you a great variety of materials so your creation looks its best. 


Não há como ter coragem, assumir que se é um Inventor, e lançar-se à vida, como um Homem...
Mirem-se no exemplo deste Inventor, isto é que é ser-se mesmo um Inventor, largou tudo, e lançou-se à Aventura. 
E por nada menos que uma Aparafusadora que, para chegar a todos os cantinhos que possa, se configura em 168 posições diferentes!
Boa Sorte, que ele merece.

Tantrum puts 168 new twists on the electric screwdriver

David Szondy

One of the most frustrating parts of DIY projects is when a screw is at just the wrong angle for the screwdriver to reach. It’s even worse when an electric screwdriver with all its bulk is involved. To make things a bit easier, former University of Washington robotics student Joel Townsan of Bellingham, Washington came up with the Flipout Tantrum, an articulated electric screwdriver designed to work in very tight spaces.
Electric drills that can twist from a stick to a pistol configuration are already common, but the Tantrum takes this further by allowing a wide range of angles as well as a head that can be angled independently. In all, the tool can be set into 168 positions.

E porque é bacano, eis este Modelo de Helicóptero Tele-comandado, mesmo pequeno, afirma mesmo ser o mais pequeno do Mundo, julguem vocês, pela Imagem!

Is this the world's smallest RC helicopter toy?

Jason Falconer

Namco Bandai subsidiary CCP toys has launched its Nano-Falcon remote-controlled helicopter toy, which it claims is the world's smallest. The Nano-Falcon, which is designed for indoor flight, has a body size of just 6.5 cm (2.5 in) long and weighs a scant 11 g (0.38 oz). The infrared controller, which takes four AA alkaline batteries, has a range of just 5 m (16 ft), which may be a good thing, lest you lose sight of it!
Despite its small size, the Nano-Falcon is no slouch when compared with other miniature RC helicopters. Employing a dual rotor "double inversion mechanism," it can hover, rise and fall, turn left and right, and fly back and forth just as you would expect. CCP has flexed its technological know-how by using the dual rotor to reduce the required diameter of the rotor, while implementing a gyro sensor to improve its stability.

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