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quinta-feira, 30 de maio de 2013

Mais um Material da Shapeways, Arduino ATtiny, Truques chocantes, e um Robot que cresce com as vossa experiência

Um Material mais flexível, acabado de desenvolver pela Shapeways, mas atenção, NÃO é Borracha, embora seja muito útil para uma data de coisas, como Brinquedos, peças de dobradiça, molas, caixas de Ipads, pegas, etc..

Introducing Maker Materials & the New Improved Elasto Plastic

The backbone of Shapeways is the 3D Printing materials we offer to our community. From the versatile Strong and Flexible Plastics, to the beautiful, hand-polished finish of Premium Silver, materials inspire everyone to create new products that no one ever dreamed of before. 
Our mission at Shapeways has always been to enable anyone to make anything they want. First, we built a system to allow Makers to design and purchase models for themselves. Then we created Shapeways Shops to enable anyone to launch a business and sell their products worldwide. Now, we want to make it easier for Makers to gain access to the newest 3D printing materials on the market and test them with us. Think about it like one big, global 3D Printing R&D team.

Eis um Instructable sobre este acessório do Arduino, o ATtiny2313, que se pode programar, e com o Arduino, e alguns Componentes, num Protoboard, pôr o chip a funcionar:

Arduino ATtiny2313 Programming Shield

Today, I made a small 3x3x3 LED cube with an ATtiny2313 that I had from about 2 weeks ago. Whenever I had to reprogram the LED cube when I thought of more awesome patterns, I had to get out my breadboard and then wire up everything again referring to pin-outs of ATtiny2313 and make sure everything is connected right and then finally upload the new code.

So I went on to eBay and amazon searching for something to program these chips as I was planning on using these chips a lot in the future. After spending about an hour I just realized I was wasting my time as there was no way I was going to spend about 20-30 dollars on a simple shield.

After thinking for a bit, I decided to make a simple and easy to make, ATtiny2313 programming shield, after I made it, all I needed to do to recode any of my attinys' is to just put it in the programming shield and just in a few clicks you have your code uploaded! No need to worry if everything is wired right and make sure there are no short circuits or anything that can short out the chip and fry it or anything else of that sort.

So now in this instructable I will show you how to build one of these shields for yourself!
It costs almost nothing and takes only about 30mins or so to make it


Para a Galhofa, para a Palhaçada, e para a Malandrice, eis uma Experiência chocante, mas sem nenhum perigo...  
Um Baralho de Cartas mesmo electrificante, Muáháháhá!

330 volt "Shocking" Electric Deck of Cards! - (Electric Shock Kissing Prank)

The King of Random

Here's how to make a deck of cards that will pump out a shocking 330 volts of electricity.  Stuart Edge used it in his "Electric Shock Kissing Prank" to show the ladies how a man can really put the sparks in a kiss.

WARNING: This electric shocker outputs around 330 volts DC, and delivers a surprising jolt.  Be familiar with dangers associated with electric shocks, minor burns, damage to tissues, and possibility of cardiac arrest.  This project should not be attempted without adult supervision and adequate training.  Misuse, or careless use, of tools or projects may result in serious injury.  Use of this video content is at your own risk.


E para aprender, duma forma divertida, eis um Robot que vocês vão fazer, por etapas, conforme ganhem esperiência:

Linkbot modular robot platform grows with your knowledge
Paul Ridden

Though somewhat time consuming and a bit of a brain drain, robot building can also be rewarding and fun. For those just starting out, however, the prospect of simultaneously playing the roles of designer, tinkerer, programmer and troubleshooter in order to breathe life into a pile of wires, motors, plastic and metal might be just a little overwhelming. Linkbots offer a gentler learning curve with a modular platform that starts with a single working unit, and grows into more complex robots by attaching accessories and connecting other units.

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