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terça-feira, 21 de maio de 2013

Lanternas Verdes, Um Arduino-Telemóvel, e Prateleiras à maneira.

Para as vossas Festas ao Ar Livre, eis uma Lanterna Verde!
Juntem-lhe uma Vermelha, para Portugal, ou ponham-lhe uma Amarela, para o Brasil, mais os Clubes, etc...

Snapple, Steel and Green Fire: Bride of Spirit Lantern
The Green Gentleman
My previous green fire instructable, The Spirit Lantern (Green Fire 2.0), was entertaining and educational to make, but it raised a couple of concerns:

1) A methanol flame is hot (from 500˚ C up to ~1900˚ C under some conditions according to online sources - I've been able to bend borosilicate tubing over a methanol flame, so think 820˚ C/1500˚ F), and an open flame is a fire hazard

2) One of the combustion products, diboron trioxide, is a white powder that settles all over everything, and makes a mess

Although this instructable doesn't entirely solve these problems, it mitigates them somewhat, and (in my opinion) results in an end product that's both more versatile and more aesthetically pleasing.  That said, this is not something you want to leave unattended (in most of it's incarnations - caveat: see "safe mode" below), and there is still some diboro trioxide that escapes the lamp, so it still might be best described as "outdoors fun."  I present it to the discerning ladies and gentlemen of the Instructables community however, as an entertaining part of any soiree where children are well-behaved and supervised, or (better still) in bed, and the only thing imbibing alcohol is the lamp itself.  In other words, use discretion.

Eis como podem mandar SMS, etc, através do vosso Arduino, sigam as Instrucções:

Arduino Cellular Shield Tutorial 

The Arduino Cellular Shield allows you to make cellular telephone calls, and send text messages. The brains of this shield is the SM5100B which is a robust cellular module capable of performing many of the tasks of most standard cell phones. This shield requires use of a SIM card to connect to a cellular network. The tutorial that follows is a bare bones tutorial for initializing the shield, and both sending and receiving text messages, and telephone calls. To learn more about the module's functionality, be sure to check out the datasheets on Sparkfun's product page.


E como os Engenhocas são ALGO desarrumados, hrrrum, eis, cortesia da nossa amiga audreyobscura, como encher um canto da Oficina de Prateleiras!

Easy Shelves from Old Wooden Crates 
A friend of mine lives across the street from a wine distributor, and recently found a heap of wooden wine-boxes on the sidewalk. Knowing that his clever DIY friends would probably want them, he dragged them in to his garage, then called his friends.

I grabbed as many as I could, and dragged them to my shop.

I made this Instructable from my phone with the Instructables App - a great tool for writing and documenting your projects! Check it out for iOS and Android!

 ...E para pasmar, eis um Jacto VTOL a voar e a aterrar na verical, categoria!

F-35B makes first vertical takeoff

David Szondy

Lockheed Martin has revealed that an F-35B fighter jet made its first vertical takeoff on May 10 at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. This follows on the heels of its first vertical night landing on April 2 at the same location. The vertical takeoff capability is designed for moving the strike fighter over short distances in an emergency when a runway isn't available, but it is not seen as a combat feature due to its heavy use of fuel.
The F-35B Short Takeoff/Vertical Landing (STOVL) Lightning II is a multi-role strike fighter and the part of the most expensive weapons system purchase in United States history. It’s one of three F-35 variants built around a common airframe and is designed to use its lift fan and variable geometry engine to fly from aircraft carriers equipped with ski jumps, assault carriers, and small or damaged air fields.

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