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quinta-feira, 4 de abril de 2013

Um Canivete com estilo! E uma Réplica das Motas Antigas, e Etch-a-Sketch CNC(!)

Eis um grande Canivete, em Aço de Damasco, nem mais!
Com preços de 45 a 105 Dólares, este Site tem umas autênticas obras-de-arte, que cortam, e são um bom investimento, para os dias que vem praí...

About us
Stunning Knives was Established in 2008 and Since then is engaged in Exporting all kinds of folding Knives, Swords, Daggers and Damascus knives to various countries of the World particularly to UK, France, Italy and USA. 
We feel pride in apprising that we are the fourth generation in Knives making. The experience over these years with employment of modern machines and tools has enabled us in retaining satisfied customers all over the world.

Continuando com Estilo, eis como fazer uma Réplica duma Mota do Indiana Jones, e sem gaztar uma Fortuna com as verdadeiras que existem, por aí... 

Replica Vintage Motorcycle 

I've been want to build something unique for some time, something I could take to the "show us ya wheels" car show and know that no one has see one of these before. Only problem not to much space in the garage and old and unique= $. I did quite a bit of research before I started this project, and  decided I wanted to build vintage Motorcycle something that looks like it came out of the 1920s or older, problem is rare+old =$$$.
 A 1912 Harley sold at auction in 2011 for $115000  There is no way I would be spending that amount.
I then came across a bike called a whizzer, made in the US, between 1939 to 1965 but they look much older,  I spoke to every motorbike nut I know none them have ever heard of a whizzer. (very rare in Australia) and when I showed my 90+ year old neighbour a photograph of one he said, he thought his dad had one when he was a kid and it was old then! Perfect!  if I can fool him I should be able to fool some more people at the car show!


E se isto a seguir, não vos fizer sorrir, vão ao Médico, que estão mesmo mal... ;)
Um Etch-a-sketch... Controlado por Arduino, para ser uma Desenhadora CNC! Fantástico!

Arduino controlled Pocket Etch A Sketch Random Walk Simulation 

This project is the result of Wal-Mart check-out lane impulse purchase of Pocket size Etch A Sketch for $3.99.

Two stepper motors drive Etch A Sketch knob shafts, and a servo motor flips Etch A Sketch to erase the screen.  Using the Arduino IDE’s Serial Monitor the user can automatically generate “random walk” simulations. Material cost  about $60, simple construction requires only a couple hours effort.

Not a true random walk simulation since it separately moves random amounts in horizontal and vertical directions; and maximum travel is restricted to remain within Etch A Sketch screen.

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