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terça-feira, 2 de abril de 2013

Autodesk à pala, partilhar 3D, Cercas mais seguras, uma nova tele-conferência, e Foguetes de Àlcool!

Autodesk à pála, ora, eis uma grande lista de coisas prós nossos amigos Estudantes, e não só...
Acreditem, a lista é enorme, de toda a espécie de protutos, com uma licença para fins não-comerciais, o que quer dizer que podem ir acumulando experiência, para um melhor Portfolio, vão lá ver:

E para partilharem um Trabalho Colectivo, com gente de toda a Terra, para ilustrarem um Conceito em 3D, ou apenas para se armarem em bons, eis outra grande Borla da Autodesk, os Cloud Services:

Autodesk 360 Cloud Services

Anywhere, anytime access for students.

With Autodesk® cloud-based solutions students have virtually infinite computing power at their fingertips. Create, visualize, analyze, simulate, and iterate your designs faster–eliminating long wait time in studios or computer labs. Improve your course project outcomes by moving computation-intensive tasks to the cloud, enabling rapid visualization and simulation and optimized collaboration with access to intelligent, data-rich models. Solve your complex design challenges anywhere, anytime.

E para a Segurança de cada um, nada melhor que esta nova Tecnologia que usa o Campo Magnético da Terra(!) para detectar onde numa Cerca, está alguém a tentar trepar, ou cortar o Arame...

Vibromag Cable detects intruders using the Earth's magnetic fields

Ben Coxworth

Things might be getting a little more difficult for the James Bonds and Jason Bournes of the world. A new system developed by Prof. Uwe Hartmann at Germany’s Saarland University utilizes the Earth’s magnetic fields to instantly determine when and where a security fence has been breached.
The technology is known as the Vibromag Cable, and incorporates a long cable containing regularly-spaced magnetometer probes. That cable is permanently or temporarily added to an existing metal fence, or it can be buried in the ground underneath one.

Para falarem em Directo ao vivo, e a cores com a Malta que vão conhecendo, podem experimentar este novo Serviço de 

Audio-conference made easy, for you and your business.

Create a conference on our web application and NEEAAUDIO will call your phone and everyone participating in your call. Simple, global and innovative, with features you can't find anywhere else.

E mais prá Galhofa, mais prá Diversão, divirtam-se com este Lançador de Garrafas de Àgua, que funciona a Àlcool!

Turn Empty Water Bottles Into Alcohol Fueled Rockets 

Not long ago I was challenged to create a project using a water bottle that could be displayed in a one minute long video. While I missed the one minute mark, I think I still managed to make a pretty entertaining device.

The rocket and launcher featured in the above video function off of a very simple concept of igniting a flammable vapor using a replacement barbecue igniter to propel the bottle through the air. The parts for this project should cost no more than $15, with the igniter taking up the majority of that price tag at about $10. The bottles can be reused many times until the heat from repeated shots eventually warps the plastic.

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