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terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

Algodão doce, Projet, Amido a partir de Folhagem, e Lattice

Alguém tinha de pensar nisto, uma Máqina de Algoidão Doce, feita a partir de Sucata caseira!

Easy Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) Machine from Junk

Candy floss (or cotton candy) is great, but expensive to buy and hardly worth investing in a dedicated machine.

This is a quick project using an existing kitchen pot (unharmed) and a handful of junk that you probably have lying around to make your own candy floss from ordinary table sugar.

Essentially all you need for a candyfloss machine is a container of sugar with tiny holes in that you can heat (to melt the sugar) and spin around (to throw out the little threads of sweetness).  We'll put this inside a big pot because you don't necessarily want strands of re-solidified sugar all over your kitchen.

I'm entering this instructable in the Jury-Rig It contest 'cos it's a treat-machine rigged up from junk bits I had lying around.


A Impressora 3D Projet, oferece-vos mais, agora, por isso veja esta página:

ProJet® x60 3D Printers 

Perfect for office, classroom and production environments, the new ProJet x60 Series Professional 3D Printers help you to bring products to market faster, win business and prepare our innovators of tomorrow. Delivering full, high-definition color, high-throughput and affordability, 3D Systems’ ProJet x60 printers cater to the most demanding applications. Enhance communication and collaboration using millions of color combinations Optimize throughput by printing up to 96 baseball sized models in a single build Shorten product development cycles by creating quick, iterative designs for review Cut costs by recycling eco-friendly materials Start integrating ProJet full-color 3D printing into your daily workflow today.

Será uma grande ajuda para a Alimentação em todo o Mundo, estes abençoados Cientistas criaram um método para transformar a Celulose da folhagem, plantas que houver e restos da Agricultura e Indústria da Alimentação...
Em Amido, e como sub-pruduto, Glucose!
Mente Brilhantes, é assim que são. Parabéns!

New process could allow any plant to serve as a food source

Ben Coxworth

Although the causes of world hunger are numerous, it certainly doesn’t help that factors such as arid conditions and limited land space make it difficult to grow food crops in certain places. If people in those areas could eat foods derived from plants that are hardy to the region, but that aren’t considered nutritious, it would go a long way towards addressing the problem. Well, that may soon be a reality, thanks to a newly-developed process that allows cellulose to be converted into starch.

A Lattice oferece-vos muitas vantagens, se forem Fabricantes, usando 3D como ferramenta, vantagens como trabalho em colaboração de vários empregados, Instrucções nos planos 3D, para a oficina, etc.

Lattice Technology 

Lattice Technology supports manufacturing companies with powerful, yet affordable tools that leverage 3D design data across the entire product lifecycle - for the enterprise and beyond. 
Lattice Technology tools can benefit the manufacturing company in numerous ways: enabling collaboration during product design modeling the manufacturing line with human interaction and tools such as work instructions that are linked to the parts in 3D creating interactive service procedures attached to parts list in 3D for service personnel or customers The 3D XVL format, the foundation for Lattice Technology 3D models, is the industry's most compressed 3D format with no loss of data accuracy. This lightweight footprint allows complex 3D data and assembly information (modeling of human interaction and tooling) to be viewed on iOS devices and low-end PCs locally or streamed across the network. 

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