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sexta-feira, 5 de abril de 2013

3D para Modelismo... Mais uma Mesa Andante, DesignSpark no Mac, e uma espécie de Arco-Fisga

Eis uma Máquina para Modelismo do mais minucioso, vejam a Entrevista do nosso amigo Jon Cantin, da CNCKing, ao homem por detrás desta maravilha de Impressora 3D...

Interview with Michael Joyce – Founder of B9Creator 
Jon Cantin
I recently got into contact with Michael Joyce, the founder and designer of B9Creator to learn more about his views about the 3D printing industry and the challenges of developing your own 3D printer. His creation has enjoyed tremendous success using Kickstarter to fund the production of his machine – back in June 0f 2012 he got more than 10x the backing he was looking for and this year, he’s about to do it again but hurry – you only have until April 9th!

Uma ideia bacana é esta, a das Mesas que Andam, e aqui está como podem fazer a vossa...
É bom!

Walking Table

I've seen a video of a table that can walk, I really wanted one but I couldn't find one for sale, so I thought "Hey, I'm an engineering student, I'll make one!" But when i started out the search for the plans to the walking table I quickly realized that there were absolutely zero plans. So I had no choice but to make one myself starting from scratch. With some reverse-engineering, engineering, imagination, and basic shop skills it can be done with a bunch of time it can be done. Plus you're going to have pretty a kick ass table.


Para os que querem disfrutar do DesiugnSpark, no Sistema Operativo MacIntosh, eis uma dica valiosa

TUTORIAL: How To Install Design Spark On A Mac Using Crossover
Hello there fellow mac users! i managed to get the legendary Design Spark PCB running on a mac so i thought i would tell u guys how to do this to!
First you gotta download crossover and the latest Design Spark PCB installer for windows
What is crossover i hear you say? well, crossover is a program on the mac that lets you install windows programs on a mac by making them think they are running on a windows machine, its a very clever application however it is not free, it costs £38 (with a years worth of support for it) or £25 (with a months worth of support) last i checked (i used the trial to install mine) but in my opinion for an application like design spark pcb and the ability to install most windows applications, its worth it!


E porque avida também é diversão, que tal um Tiro-ao-Alvo de Quintal, com este Arco-Fisga?
Nos Países, e com a Potência, em que seja legal construír esta "arma nuclear", é claro...

Bow - The Bike Wheel Bow 

Could not find one of these anywhere - put it into Google but no joy - - guess I better make one myself.

Rigid frame.
Good power output.
No knock required on arrows.
Longer draw than a standard bow.
So very! light.
Simple to build.
Cheap - cost £2.50 for proper catapult rubber preferred by the Chinese apparently (big following of catapults).
Pimp this up and she would be awesome - I kinda like her dirty and visceral though.
Easily shoot 20 meters.
Would work well for short range hunting of small game or fish.
Ammo carried on the frame.


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