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sábado, 2 de março de 2013

Uma Plotter em Cartão!, E um PC só de teclado, um Abrigo em Cartão, comprimir o vosso 3D, e Vácuo

Eis algo de fenomenal, uma Plotter Manual, e ainda por cima, em Cartão!
Para descrever como funciona uma Plotter, e o Computador que a acciona, eis uma ideia genial, e um Vídeo fascinante... 

Building A Working Plotter Made Out Of Cardboard And Glue

Hello, world! Niklas Roy teaches students to build electronics from organic materials.

If life depended on explaining what’s going on inside of a computer at a fundamental material level, most of us would be screwed. Despite spending the majority of our daily lives using complex electronics, precious few of us have any clue what’s going on inside. Those innards are exactly what interest Berlin artist Niklas Roy
Roy describes himself as “an inventor of useless things,” which is a funnier way of saying “inventor of things other people will think are useless.” In fact, his work is penultimately useful: An instant camera that prints on receipt paper, for example, or a tiny sweeping robot that uses a toothbrush as a broom. Earlier this year, he rigged his Berlin doorbell with a laser gun sound and an LED calling card. His work is glitchy and low-fi in a way that some might call twee, were it not underpinned with an incredible intelligence and engineering know-how.

Quem tiver a minha idade, ou um irmão mais velho, etc. lembra-se dos Commodore Amiga, PCs que eream um Teclado com o Computador lá dentro...

Pois eis uma nova versão dessa ideia, desta vez com o Android como Sistema Operativo, e parece ser uma solução para muitos usos:

CoolShip desktop Android computer looks like nothing more than a keyboard

Paul Ridden

Readers of a certain age will remember, probably with fondness, the computer-in-a-keyboard form factor exemplified by the likes of the Atari 800XL or the mighty Commodore 64. We've seen several impressive attempts at revival in the recent past, including efforts from Barry S Altman's Commodore USA and ASUS. Now China's FocusWill Information Technology is getting in on the act with an Android-flavored, keyboard-based desktop computer called the CoolShip.

Eis um Abrigo em Cartão, para os Sem-Abrigo, mas que pode servir também para Desalojados, que perderam as casas nalguma catástrofe, Equipas de Trabalho de Campo...

E até pode, modificado, abrigar Automóveis, Engenhocas, e Maquinaria!

Cardborigami fuses cardboard and origami to shelter the homeless

Adam Williams

Sadly, widespread homelessness isn’t going away any time soon, and until society works out a larger solution, ideas are needed to improve the living conditions of people without a home right now. One such idea put forward is a cardboard-constructed pop-up shelter dubbed “Cardborigami,” which is designed to serve as a transitional shelter until a permanent home is found.


Comprimir os vossos Ficheiros 3D a níveis fantásticos, parece ser o que a DataCad nos oferece, agora, versão de teste Grátis:

Don't be scared of big Data – Lattice Technology
           compression to 0,5%!
Lattice Technology is known for:
  • extremely high data compression
  • MultiCAD abilities
  • easy handling of big data volumes
  • short loading times
  • using XVL – the industry's most compressed and accurate 3D format
  • Try it now for freeproven product developed with input from many users
  • free viewer for iPad and iPhone
  • free XVL Player for laptops/PCs and free Lattice3D Reporter


Eis algo em que eu nunca pensei, revestir Vidro com Metal, mas se precisarem de fabricar um Cinescópio, ou só para efeito, eis um Instructable!

A better vacuum chamber 
If you look back upon my previous work you will find that I have been experimenting with vacuum metal deposition.
I have been attempting to vaporize metal and have it coat glass under a vacuum. There will be more on this once I get the process working flawlessly.

Ideally this is done under a very deep vacuum using a diffusion vacuum pump.
I am attempting to do this without the use of a diffusion pump.
The vacuum chamber that I have been using is showing signs of melting and burning which to say the least is less than ideal for the task at hand.

The first problem is the type of material used for the chamber base. The second is in dealing with the heat generated and the third is the vacuum seal.
I have come up with a solution to all three in the most unlikeliest of places...


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