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quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

Neurónios a partir da pele, um Escritório com Palletes, e um Filtro de Água que cria Emprego!

Eis como se curará a Esclerose Múltipla, em breve, criando Neurónios, a partir de Células Estaminais... 
Da Pele!
Juntando isso, ao facto que os Inventores começarem a atingir o Auge da sua profissão, ao 50 Anos de idade, parece que vão ter de aturar-nos por muito tempo...

Brain cells created from human skin cells offer potential MS treatment

Ben Coxworth

Myelin is a fatty tissue that covers the fibers between nerve cells – it’s not unlike the insulation on electrical wiring. When that tissue is compromised, the cells have difficulty communicating, and neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis can be the result. If the myelin of MS sufferers could be regrown, then it’s possible that the disease could be cured. Recently, a team of scientists successfully regenerated myelin in mice, using human skin cells that were reprogrammed into brain cells.

Algo para animar os Escritórios e poupar dinheiro, nestes tempos incertos, uma Linha de Móveis toda feita com a Madeira de Paletes! 

Pop-Up Office re-invents the workplace with reclaimed pallets

Adam Williams

Thanks to the prevalence of powerful laptops and cloud-based infrastructure, dreary office cubicles can increasingly be jettisoned in favor of dynamic spaces which encourage collaboration and innovation. The Pop-Up Office installation by Dubbeldam Architecture and Design is an example of this, delivering an office space concept which seeks to re-invent the workspace for the Post-PC era using reclaimed wooden pallets.

E para o terceiro Mundo, Àgua e Empregos, com esta ideia abençoada, da Universidade da Virgínia, criar Filtros que podem ser feitos nos Locais onde a Àgua é mais precisa:

PureMadi filters clean water and create jobs in the third world

Ben Coxworth

Silver is known for its antibacterial qualities, and has thus found its way into water filters created at institutions such as Stanford and McGill universities. Given that these filters are often used in developing nations, however, it would be nice if they could also contribute to the local economy – instead of being just one more thing that’s brought in from outside. Well, that’s just the idea behind the University of Virginia’s PureMadi filters and MadiDrops.


E a ùltima criação da Desktop Gremlins, este voltar s origens, dos Jogos de 8 Bits, mas em papel:

I'm a huge fan of match-3 puzzle games like Bejeweled. 10000000 uses a similar puzzle strategy but expertly mashes it with an outstanding RPG/ACTION game mechanic to achieve award-winning results. Matching tiles controls your character enabling you to explore, fight and loot.

When you are not facing monsters you will be back in your castle/prison, constructing rooms and upgrading your hero with sharper weapons, stronger armor, and more powerful magic for your next run.

Can you score 10000000 and earn your freedom?

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