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segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2013

Impressoras 3D: Uma, da Índia, a outra, nano-imprime! E grasshopper, e mais coisas...

Pois é, da Índia, vem-nos esta notícia, uma Gama de Impressoras 3D bacana, e com envio para todo o mundo:

iMEC are proud to announce its first range of 3D printers in the PROTO series. The printers come in different bed sizes with each variant offering a unique value proposition. We cater to the international market and our products come with a 6 month part replacement warranty! As a product company we are focusing on developing new products with a difference. Our engineers strive to achieve the best quality and are continuously working to come out with better products having more features. We have excellent support staff to take care of customer requirements and issues. With the completion of our testing phase iMEC will shortly announce newer models and products. Do catch up on our blog space for more updates.

E eis a Impressora 3D Mais Pequena do Mundo, ou será melhor dizer, a que imprime mais pequeno:

TEDxVienna - Klaus Stadlmann - The world's smallest 3D Printer

Eis uma dica importante da Grasshopper, a sg2013 está praí a estalar:

Save these dates: 15-20 April 2013 
sg2013 is shaping up to be a great event again this year. The focus is on transitioning computational design from the hard space of the ideal, to the soft reality of an uncertain built environment.

sg2013 will be at The Bartlett in London from 15-20 April 2013. The four day Workshop (15-18 April) and two day Conference (19-20 April) will follow the format of the highly successful preceding events.

Não gostam da TV aos berros, quando começam os malfadados Anúncios?
Este aparelho feito com o Arduino, detecta o aumento de som, e pôe as coisas na ordem... 

TV Volume Loudness Guard using Arduino 


What can be more annoying than those TV commercials on steroid? Here you are watching your favorite TV show when all of a sudden you are ambushed by a very loud TV commercial sending you scrambling for the remote control to turn down the volume. In some countries it's now illegal for broadcasters to blast the volume during commercials. But in many others, this TV audio terror is still legal. I hope my TV Volume Loudness Guard will mitigate some of this ad-driven rudeness. The TV Volume Loudness Guard will listen to your TV and if the volume goes higher than a certain level, it will bring it lower. There are many uses for this gadget such as keeping the TV volume down when you are in a different room while the kids are watching their favorite music channels. Or when someone blasts the stereo system. The TV Loudness Guard will be ready to keep a lid on it. The TV Loudness Guard should be part of every Big Brother's bag of tricks :)

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