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quarta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2013

Um Jet-Pack, Ponte de Sucata, Pez, Anel-ferramenta, Luz Azul, e uma Prótese 3D

Eis um Jet-Pack à maneira, de mark Newson, e desenhado para ser acessível a toda a gente:

Marc Newson's “Body Jet” re-imagines the jetpack

Adam Williams

The jetpack is arguably the most game-changing method of transport one could envision using technology available today. However, despite some progress, a jetpack-powered commute still seems a very long way in the future. Not to be daunted by this, Australian designer Marc Newson has turned his hand to producing a compelling jetpack design concept, dubbed the “Body Jet.”

Com as dificuldades económicas que vigoram, por todo o lado, eis uma ideia que pode vir a ser seguida, uma Ponte feita de Contentores!

"Econtainer" bridge to rehabilitate 25-million ton waste mountain

James Holloway

Yoav Messer Architects' competition-winning "Econtainer Bridge" will become what could well be the first bridge to be made from disused shipping containers. The bridge will cross the Ayalon River granting entry to the planned Ariel Sharon Park which will transform 2,000 acres of the Hiriya waste dump into a nature reserve to the southeast of Tel Aviv.


E que tal fazerem dinheiro com os vossos Makerbots?
Esta é apenas uma de muitas ideias possíveis, para rentabilizarem a vossa Oficina de Fabbing:

Hot Pop Factory turns people into 3D-printed Pez dispensers
Jonathan Fincher

What could be better than a 3D-printed model of yourself? The answer of course is a 3D-printed model of yourself filled with candy. That's exactly what Hot Pop Factory recently made, when it created several working Pez dispensers fashioned after individual people's heads.

Eis um autêntico Anel-Canivete Suíço!
Feito à medida, em Titâneo, e Bronze, é um anel que pode ter as Ferramentas que quizerem:

The Titanium Utility Ring makes your fingers extra-useful – and manly

Ben Coxworth

While wearing jewelry is a great way of expressing your individuality, when it comes to things like rings, some men can get a little ... uncomfortable. Today you’re wearing a ring, tomorrow it’s high heels, right? Well, perhaps those guys would feel better about donning the rough n’ ready Titanium Utility Ring.

A Luz Azul é cada vez mais usada para eliminar Infecções, de Pele, e Tecidos Moles, o que abre novas perspectivas par Infecções reisitentes a Antibióticos:

Bacteria-killing blue light used to stop infections

Ben Coxworth

Over the past few years, blue light has allowed us to understand heart problems, control brain functions, and activate muscle tissue. Now, another biomedical function can be added to its list – because it’s known to have antimicrobial qualities, it’s been used to stop infections of the skin and soft tissues.
According to the American Society for Microbiology, such infections are the second most commonly-encountered type in private practice, and the most common type presented in emergency rooms. Unfortunately, as bacterial resistance to antibiotics grows, other means of stopping these infections are increasingly needed.

Algo de realmente inspirador, é este uso de Impressoras 3D pessoais, para contruír Próteses acessíveis, e personalizadas, algo que pode pôr um sorriso como este em muita Criança, por todo o Mundo.

E o Mundo Lusófono, com tantos Amputados, vítimas das Guerras Civis, que preste atenção a isto!!!

Inexpensive home-brewed prostheses created using 3D printers

Jason Falconer

According to the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO), there are some 32 million amputees in the world today, around 80 percent (25 million) of whom live in developing countries where only five percent have been fitted with an artificial limb. It is estimated that 200,000 people lost a limb as a result of the 2010 Haiti earthquake alone. Two low-cost, printable prostheses highlight the potential impact 3D printing could have on the quality of life for millions as the technology becomes more accessible around the world.

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