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quinta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2013

Fita de Ventosas, Plástico Taulman, Rolamentos e uma Muiltiferramenta para Mulheres!

Da Inventables vem-nos esta novidade, Fita que não é Adesiva, mas sim, provida de Ventosas, para os vossos Projectos mais exóticos, ou talvez alguma ideia daquelas "simples"...
Mas que é preciso ALGUÉM pensar nelas!

Suction Cup Tape
Uses tiny micro suction cups instead of adhesive 
Have you ever needed to adhere something to a surface without using a sticky adhesive? This tape bonds to smooth, flat, clean surfaces just like a suction cup. The surface of the tape has thousands of microscopic craters that work by creating many partial vacuums between the tape and the target surface. The tape is not pressure sensitive, can rebond repeatedly, and leaves no residue on the target surface. To remove, you simply pull the tape off or twist it to break the bond. Wiping the tape with wet tissue or cleaning with old-fashioned pressure-sensitive tape will remove debris from the craters and rejuvenate its suction properties. Once in place, a 4 in x 1 in piece of the tape is strong enough to hold a 1 lb flat piece of steel.

A SeemeCNC oferecenos agora, para as Impressoras 3D, Filamento Taulman!
E quais as vantagens deste Plástico? Por exemplo, podem usá-lo para Moldes, quando quizerem fazer peças em materiais feitos a partir da mistura de dois componentes.
Vejam a seguir, a descrição:

Taulman's "618" High Strength Nylon Co-Polymer specifically engineered for 3D Printing.

Get the High Strength, Durability, Pliability and Beauty for the print that counts......"Your Print"!

Size = 3mm or 1.75mm Round
Color = Natural - Prints as a bright natural to white with a translucent surface. Add color with most common clothing dyes.
Temperature = 235C to 270C - Part/Speed dependent. 240C-250C is best for most parts at average printing speeds.
Co-Polymer = 4-Station-Drawn and Extruded "3D Printing Specific" Nylon based co-polymer. Specifically designed for 3D Printing applications where excellent surface bonding, reduced water absorption, tear resistance and dye absorption are combined in an easy-to-print 3mm/1.75mm line.
With a visual and tactile surface quality 2nd to none. Parts 3D Printed with taulman 618 Nylon co-polymer will be instantly recognizable as high quality polymer.
Chemically resistant to = Alcohols, Resins+MEK, Oils, Acetone, Most all Alkaline, most 2 part Casting Compounds.
Ainda dos Inventables, todas as porcas, corrediças, e Rolamentos que precisarem para os vossos Robots, Makerbots, Engenhocas, e etc.

MakerSlide Components

We now carry 16 accessories and components that can be used in conjunction with the aluminum extrusion above and MakerSlide. These include pulleys, insertion nuts, screws, belts, and more. 

E agora, uma Multiferramenta que agrade mais ao Sexo Femenino, ou pelo menos essa é a tentativa inovadora de neste Instructable, não, não é uma faca a fazer de chave dee fendas, e um sapato salto-alto a fazer de martelo:

Pocket Multi-Tool for Women
This idea came to me after reading a forum discussion here at Instructables regarding whether or not women carry pocket knives or scissors.  I was wondering if perhaps it was because pocket knives and multi-tools tend to look too manly.  They are often  too bulky to carry in one's pocket and not something you'd want in your purse.

When coming up with an idea for a multi-tool that women might want, I came up with the following criteria.

It needed to be:
  • Small -can fit into pocket or purse
  • Discrete, not obtrusive,
  • Looked nice
  • Functional
  • Had an assortment of tools
  • Can be made with my skill level
  • Can be created with the tools that I had available.
Here is what I came up with: a multi-tool disguised as a tube of lipstick.  In this instructable I will show you how I made it.

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