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quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012

Pai Natal de Jetpack! E uma Iris em papel, curvar Luz, Casas Impressas em 3D, Libélulas, etc.

Isto é BA-CA-NO! Uáháháháhá!
Da Desktop Gremlins, para o vosso Natal...

Steam Santa Flies Again!
Happy December! We all know that elves can wield amazing and fantastic magic. But what most people don't know is that the arctic elves (the "jolly-old" ones) have also harnessed the power to change the size of objects and even their own bodies. This power gave birth to the most magical elf of all - the Steam Santa. Steam Santa makes gifts for all the good girls and boys, shrinks them down to the size of a spec and carries them in a magical utility belt. He can be seen each December, zooming around the world on a wondrous steam-powered jet pack, delivering holiday joy...

O nosso amigo Rob Ives, volta a fazer algo de mecânico, em papel, neste caso, uma Íris para os vossos projectos de Fotografia...

Paper Iris

This is something I've been meaning to try for ages. I love the way the camera iris works, a small turn of the iris ring and the central hole expands or contacts.

Camera irises have varying numbers of vanes, the more vanes, the closer the resulting hole is to a circle. In this prototype I've used five vanes, a reasonable balance between a nicely circular hole and having loads of fiddly bits to cut out.

Next step is to make a slightly larger prototype where the hole is larger in relation to the surrounding rim. I might also try different numbers of vanes just out of interest.


Curvar Luz! 
Algo para inspirar, pois não há muito tempo, isto era apenas Ficção Científica...

Stanford researchers control light using synthetic magnetism

Brian Dodson

Left to its own ways, light will follow the same path through an optical system whether the system is being used as a camera lens or as a projector. This is called time-reversal symmetry, or reciprocity. As many new applications and methods would be enabled by access to a non-reciprocal optical system, it is unfortunate that they have been so difficult to come by. But now researchers at Stanford University have discovered how to make such non-reciprocal systems by generating an effective magnetic field for photons.
The motion of electrons through a magnetic field is the poster child for non-reciprocity. That motion produces a force acting perpendicular to the velocity of the electron, so that the electron travels in a circular path. Since the velocity has a direction, reversing the velocity of the electron reverses the direction of the force, causing the electron to follow a different path than it followed in approaching the reversal point.


 ...E que tal casas Impressas em 3D? Para já, são mais cabanas, mas é um começo...

The World’s First Printed Building

In a small shed on an industrial park near Pisa is a machine that can print buildings. The machine itself looks like a prototype for the automotive industry. Four columns independently support a frame with a single armature on it. Driven by CAD software installed on a dust-covered computer terminal, the armature moves just millimetres above a pile of sand, expressing a magnesium-based solution from hundreds of nozzles on its lower side. It makes four passes. The layer dries and Enrico Dini recalibrates the armature frame. The system deposits the sand and then inorganic binding ink. The exercise is repeated. The millennia-long process of laying down sedimentary rock is accelerated into a day. A building emerges. This machine could be used to construct anything. Dini wants to build a cathedral with it. Or houses on the moon.


Jon Cantin, 3DKing, traz-nos esta maravilha, que podem cortar e montar e nunca mais se calarem de que fizeram tal coisa, porque isto impressiona...
E é feito num Cortador de Plasma, sim, adivinharam, EM METAL!

Dragonfly: First Plasma Cutting Project Launch!

I’m happy to announce the release of our very first CNC plasma cutting project – it was this project that put the final nail in’s coffin actually! When I saw this, it wasn’t wood nor 3D printed (for so it meant I’d have to build and maintain yet another e-commerce site… about a month later, was build and launched!

Mais uma Venda da Cubify, e toca a dizer, Adeus, até amanhã!

 Looking for more holiday gift ideas? There's much more in the Cubify Gift Guide.

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