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terça-feira, 27 de novembro de 2012

Um Natal Para as Crianças com Cancro, Mindsets, Wahs, Ornitópteros e mais...

Isto é duma elevação e bondade sem rival, parabéns, Science4you, orgulho-me de vos conhecer, e ter sempre apoiado...
Brinquedos para as crianças com Cancro, que vão passar o Natal no Instituto Português de Oncologia, grande Hospital, e já lá fui, vão vocês que lêem isto, agora:

Da Mindsets, vem de tudo para um belo Natal Engenhocas, Robots à farta, tal como Aviões da Estes, vão lá ver:


Falando de Aviões, outras Máquinas voadoras, eis, dica do nosso amigo Inventor Eduardo Guerreiro, um Ornitóptero que faz as delícias de Míudos e graúdos!

Dica de Affonso Orciuoli, na página do Facebook Rede Brasileira de Fabricação Digital, eis esta notícia da Maglab, sobre o que poderia ser chamado de Arquitectura reactiva ao Ambiente:


MAGLAB Responsive SkinsII Workshop - AIU"Arab International Unive

The workshop asks how material behavior can be introduced into architectural design and which consequences this has on design. The workshop focused on the behavior of material in larger arrays and how one can design and steer these.
The topic was scrutinized under different points of view (biology, mathematics, art) to end up in an architectural expression.
The workshop was structured in theoretical lectures, seminars on necessary digital tools and practical work during, which students explored around and apply the concepts and strategies explained throughout physical responsive real scale prototype.
The workshop supported with contemporary tools (digital fabrication) and technology (associative environments) which provided a strategic means for navigating the multitude of forces at play, while the prototype served as the activating link between material research and design innovation.

O nosso amigo Jon Cantin não pára quieto, e como podem ver, anda às voltas com nada mais, nada menos, que uma versão cortada a Laser da Torre Eifel!
Trabalho considerável...

Laser Cut Eiffel Tower: Design Update 2

Still have a few hours ahead of me here at so much more to see tomorrow but at least now I have the angles worked-out for the base and got a few tweeks figured-out. With simply the based worked-out, it’s already starting to be recognizable.

Do nosso amigo Red Binary, este Projecto de mais alcance, controlar um Wah duma Guitarra Eléctrica, com o auxílio deste Aparelho, ora eis assim, um Instructable para Bandas de vários estilos:

Zeta Reticuli: MIDI controlled 10-band EQ and multiple external effect interface 
Approximately half my lifetime (20 years) ago I used to have literally drillions & drillions of ideas that I still feel aren’t a complete waste of time. One of these brilliant ideas was to be able to control a guitar wah pedal from my computer. At the time I had scant musical equipment to match my scant muscial abilities. I had scavenged what I could afford in my extremely limited means from pawnshops, flea markets, thrift stores, & the Penny Power. Among this discarded mess were an Atari 1040st computer which has built in MIDI, a Korg Poly800MkI synth, & a Boss DR550 drum machine. I had been successfully using the Atari to sequence the synth & drum machine, but wanted to also control effects for my guitar at the same time and in the same way. But this was the early 1990′s. I didn’t have the skill nor the funds to do anything of the sort.

For those interested here are some YouTube links to a blurry picture of my son playing with the Korg over very randomly spliced together and poorly preserved material salvaged from a cassette made at the time: SLSC-B01 & SLSC-B02

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