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domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

Paspi PC Portátil, Sketchy Phisics, CncKing, GPS-Google Earth, e Prateleiras

Para os Amantes do Hackerismo Instructivo, eis um PC Portátil pequenininho, feito com um Parberry Pi!
É muito bom!

LapPi - A Raspberry Pi Netbook


The Raspberry Pi is a remarkable machine. Lightweight, powerful, and until now it was completely tethered to a wall socket. The LapPi is built to free the Pi! It's made from a mixture of spare parts, unallocated electronics, and scrapped components & cables I have built it in response to the Raspberry Pi Challenge. The challenge was picked up on the 15th of October via retweet from @raspberry_pi, and by the end of the day I knew what I wanted to do....

The basic idea is simple. Put a Raspberry Pi inside an aluminum case, wire it up to a screen, keyboard, mouse & batteries. Then plug in a USB hub, connect Wifi, Bluetooth, and the receiver for a wireless keyboard. We will also need to extend the Network port, add a headphone socket & speakers, fit in a battery pack, and then wire it all together! Simples.

É bom ver que aproveitam as nossas dicas, e duma maneira tão espectacular, como esta!
Didáctico, e divertido, este Tutorial ensina-vos a mexer no Sketchy Phisics, o que quer dizer que, com um Programa Grátis, podem fazer coisas que só se faziam com o Inventos, e outros programas caríssimos, e bestialmente chatos.

Gears and Joints with SketchUp & Sketchy Physics Part 2 

Rich Decibels

Following on from last week's introductory tutorial, here's a bit more information on how to make mechanical models in SketchUp with SketchyPhysics (SP). Here's a great resource if you want to learn more about mechanical linkages, gears, and all that good stuff (hat tip to Edgar Castelo for the link).


Woodmarvels e 3DMarvels, vai tudo ser agregado neste novo Site, por isso tomem nota de para onde vão estes importantes lançadores de tudo o que é criação CNC.
E o reconhecimento tardou, mas cá está, o Jon que me perdoe pela demora:
Querem fazer que um Projecto vosso renda uns cobres, vendendo-o neste Site?
Vão, inscrevam-se, e façam-no, que o Jon Cantin é um gajo porreiro e 100% de confiança, eu o testemunho, pois é infalível com as Royalties dos meus trabalhos, que lá estão à venda!

We are under major reconstruction at the moment merging content from and - although orders can be made, expect some broken links and general confusion over the next few days as the migration is undertaken. is an on-demand laser cutter of wooden items that are shipped right to your door! We are all about instilling a sense of pride in not only yourself but in those around you while building unique, carbon neutral models that will be cherished for generations to come! Feel free to also find out more about us.

Querem estar sempre no Google Maps?
Pois agora, podem saber sempre onde raios estão, com este Aparelhómetro GPS e o vosso PC:

Connect your LS20031 GPS receiver to Google Earth via PC


Oct 31: Corrected pin numbers for how to wire the SN74AHC125  IC.


In this guide I will hook-up the L20031 GPS receiver to a PC (most likely a laptop) to interface it to Google Earth. This is a 3-part process:
  1. Wire the L20031 GPS receiver to the FTDI serial-USB interface.
  2. Configure the L20031 GPS receiver baud rate and other settings using the MiniGPS 1.4 utility.
  3. Connect the L20031 GPS receiver either in real-time or batch-mode to Google Earth.
This guide is a precursor to a follow-up guide for a GPS Logger using the L20031 receiver, Arduino Uno, and an SD card. But unlike other GPS loggers, this one will not use TinyGPS and SoftwareSerial libraries leaving plenty of Arduino program memory available. I will publish the GPS logger soon after I finish this guide. 

Tralha a mais! Espaço a menos!
Eis uma solução baratíssima, comparada com os preços absurdos que nos cobram por Prateleiras, hoje em dia...
Até vai de Carrinho!

Kee Klamp Shelving

After moving to a new apartment in a Georgian house, we needed some bigger than normal shelving units to be the right scale for the higher ceilings. I've always loved the old school retro/warehouse look of the Ralph Lauren shops, so after a bit of Googling I found an awesome company who have actually made units for them ( If I was in the states I would have gladly bought some, but not wanting to ship them over to London it was time to get a pen, a post-it and a cup of coffee....

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