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sexta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2012

Inovação Jovem! E detectar Trovoada, David, e Rhino, mais os Desktop Gremlins

Mais aposta na Inovação! 
Parece mais um Lugar-comum bacoco de Político, mas é antes uma muito boa notícia, os Estudantes Portugueses, pois, alguns estão a apostar forte em transformar esses Cursos Superiores, em realidades palpáveis, Emprersas, e Empregos!


Do Jornal Metro de hoje: 

Mais aposta na inovação

Mais de metade dos portugueses com elevada formação apostaram na inovação nos últimos três anos, com um novo produto ou serviço, de acordo com um estudo realizado pela Católica-
-Lisbon e Ministério da Educação.
Este estudo, que conta com a colaboração do professor Eric von Hippel, do MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, mostra que “61% dos portugueses com níveis elevados de formação inovaram nos últimos três anos”, com um novo produto ou serviço. Outra das conclusões é que 18% dos inquiridos inovaram na qualidade de utilizadores.

Detectar Trovoadas com um Artuino!
Nem me perguntem para o quê, mas "Back to the Future" vem-me à lembrança...
Do Blog da Designspark:

Detecting Lightning with an Arduino

Andrew Back

This post takes a look at interfacing the novel AS3935 lightning sensor with an Arduino.
The AS3935 works by detecting radio frequency emissions generated by lightning activity, and uses algorithms to distinguish these from man-made “disturbers” and to calculate the energy from strikes. From which it's able to then estimate the distance to the head of the storm over a 1–40km range.
The manufacturers, AMS, say that the AS3935 can be used “to protect both humans and equipment from harm by providing early warning of impending danger.” Suggesting that potential applications include use in hiking, at marine and sporting events, and with telecoms equipment, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power conditioners etc.

O Sistema de Scan 3D David, muito em conta, e que fica impecável com este Projector, também o vende agora em separado:

ACER K11+ Structured Light Projector

The new ACER K11+ Structured-Light projector makes crystal-clear images even if its close to an object. This makes it unique in its class. A minimum working distance of 9cm makes this projector ideal for scanning small objects. Scan Objects like coins, screws, human faces, components and much more. The ACER K11+ was optimized for 3D scanning and works perfectly with our DAVID software. It features a powerful LED light source that is rated to last 30,000 hours. A HDMI input or as well a VGA computer input can be used as input port. The ACER K11+ comes in addition with a stable aluminium mount including a tripod mount and is ready to be attached to a tripod. A free HDMI or VGA port on your computer is required. 

Quanto tempo leva um Ficheiro CNC a ser transformado numa Fresa CNC?
O nosso amigo Jon Cantin procura responder-nos a essa pergunta:

Sneak Peak: Trotec Laser’s Job Control Preview on!

A common question I get from customers who love what they see on is “how long does this stuff take to cut?”
I HAVE been listening and soon, I’ll be showing proof using Trotec Laser’s Job Control X screenshots. I realize that not everybody has a Trotec laser but they are the only manufacturer in the world that has job control for their CNC laser cutters that’s accurate within 10% based on real-world results.
I plan on showing the cutting and engraving (when required) for models in the future for both plywood and acrylic as if they were cut on a 60 watt Trotec Speedy 400. I think this machine is the best in the market for the purposes of cutting the kits found on – if you want to find out more, visit Trotec Laser Australia.

Um programa CNC com muita coisa, o Rhino já tem uma nova versão:

New in Rhino:
  • Support of 64-Bit Windows incl. Windows 8
  • Enhanced user interface
  • A selection of new features: DimCurve Length, DimArea, MirrorHole, JoinNakedEdges, IntersectTwoSets, FindText, ArrayLinear, Convert Dots, Project, MeshRepair Wizard, Isometric, UnjoinEdge, SetViewSpeed, ScaleByPlane, Revert, ReplaceBlock, RebuildUV, PolygonCount, MatchProperties, MarkFoci, DupDimStyles, ImportDimStyles, HideLayersInDetail, HatchBase, BoxEdit,DevSrf, Repeat, ContinueCurve.

...Tempo de meter uma Bucha pelo Projecto Desktop Gremlins, faltam poucas horas para terminar o prazo em que podem ajudar este livro impecável, APOIEM-NO!

Dear Loyal Followers:
Okay gang! Four years of hard work making truly awesome ... and one month of amazing support during this manic Kickstarter campaign ... has led us to this moment.

Desktop Gremlins is 95% funded!

Only 45 hours (or less!) remain until this campaign ends!

Don't miss your chance to back the Desktop Gremlins Volume 1 book project and order some amazing reward-tier swag in the process!

NOTE: Many of the bonus items offered here will NEVER be manufactured after this campaign is over, so grab them while you still can!

Also, be sure to share this campaign with your friends so they can discover the magic world of Desktop Gremlins too!

Make your pledge today!
 – David Landis

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