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sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2012

Mandarim, Brinquedos, Exoesqueletos, e Software de Estampagem

Imaginem que querem aprender Mandarim, o Dialecto Chinês Oficial, para decifrarem, uma Patente, um Catálogo, um Manual, etc...
Agora, há este Manual, e podem aprender! A Practical Mandarin Chinese Course (PDF Digital Download)
This is a digital copy of my book which you can see on (search for Once payment is received, I will e-mail you a link to download the file.

Keep in mind that if you register to my Private VIP Class you get this book for free. More information about my course and the book can be found at:

Uma nota, lembrem-se sempre de fazer Bookmarks, quando encontram algo de bom!
Por exemplo:
Quando se está na Net, uma coisa leva à outra, e descobri como a nossa amiga Lucky vende este artigo no Facebook, e é neste Site, Beetailer:

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Vamos aos Brinquedos, soube isto pela Ponoko, se imaginaram um que possa ser feito por Corte Laser, podem ganhar um Portátil, entre outros Prémios:

"Make your Lasercut Toy" Contest

Have you ever wanted to make your own toy? Or, maybe you already have an idea for one? Now is your chance to make it happen. We’re not stopping at just the design though, oh no. With this contest, you’ll be able to get it in your hand, plus have the tools and resources to get your project ready for a crowdfunded product launch or begin making and selling it through Ponoko! Here’s how it works…
Simple. Create the coolest laser cut toy ever imagined.
  • All submissions must be made between Monday, October 8th (12am PDT) and Monday, November 12th, 2012 (11:59pm PDT)
  • Any medium is allowed, physical or virtual, so long as it communicates the design of an actual lasercut prototype: cut paper, cardboard, styrene, balsa wood, ginger bread, Sketchup, 123D, Rhino, SpaceClaim, SolidWorks, NX, or anything else you can think of… whatevs!
  • Must be a laser-cuttable design, e.g. planar elements to create a 3D design (See tips below)
  • Multiple entries may be submitted. (each submission counts as an entry!)
  • Please include a universal CAD format, such as STEP or IGES, in the upload
  • Submit entries to GrabCAD Challenge page

No Japão, terra de Robots para tudo, e mais alguma coisa, vem esta ideia utilíssima, um Exoesqueleto, com protecção anti-radiação de Tungsténio para o pessoal da Protecção Civil auxiliar vítimas de Catástrofes, mas em toda e Segurança!

Japanese first responders to wear robotic exoskeletons

Jason Falconer

Since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in March 2011, the Japanese government has been testing robotic technologies to help deal with future accidents. The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) exoskeleton, developed by the University of Tsukuba spin-off Cyberdyne, is being considered for first responders.
For protection the suit incorporates tungsten shielding which reduces radiation exposure by about 50 percent, as well as a cooling system to prevent heatstroke. Much of the weight of the suit, including tools used for repairing damaged pipes, can be carried by the exoskeleton's legs. Vital signs such as heart rate and body temperature will also be measured in real-time.

Isto é de seguir, e serve para conhecerem a GrabCad, onde há coisas fantásticas...
Um Engenheiro da HP, crom, está a desenvolver um Software que fará dos vossos Objectos, Moldes para Chapa.
Estampagem, Cunhagem, Furos, etc, é de louvar e testar o Programa, quando houver um!

Sheet metal die set


First test models of my new project.
The software i am developing is for designing sheet metal die sets for trimming, punching and deep drawing. The software uses generative part templates and die sets to create the model.
Project is still wIP so further developments will be here.

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