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terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

Gremlins, Lápis, Folhas de Inspecção, Jeeps made in Brazil...E Jeff Dunham 3D!

Desktop Gremlins virou um Livro, e dá-vos um exemplo de como arranjar fundos para de tudo, e mais alguma coisa, pela Kickstarter!

Desktop Gremlins, Vol. 1 - Premium Papercraft Art Book!

David Landis

Unleash 20 amazing easy-to-build papercraft creatures-of-wonder on your desk using only scissors. No glue, no tape, no knives! 
Launched: Oct 19, 2012 Funding ends: Nov 18, 2012  
Four years in the making, Desktop Gremlins Volume 1 features the amazing character design and papercraft engineering of David Landis, the creator of Thanks for your interest and support! PLEASE share this campaign with your family, co-workers and friends so the Desktop Gremlins book can be unleashed!

...Tudo funciona no Papel... Até um Lápis!
Eis a última aventura Geométrica e Matemática de Rob Ives, um Lápis, em Papel, calculado para ser impresso e cortado, e dar tudo certo!

Paper Pencil Geometry
Rob Ives
Here's a quick mathematical diversion. How would you make a pencil from paper? How do you join the hexagonal section of the shaft to the cone of the point? As is often the case, geometry has the answer.

Folhas de Inspecção, Desenhos Técnicos com Balões de Texto, já não têem de desenhar tudo à mão, come-vos muito tempo:

Balloon inspection drawings & create inspection sheets … manually? That eats up too much time!

 - From CAD drawings to inspection reports … … you can do it a little bit(e) faster!
With InspectionXpert you can balloon your CAD drawings with inspection features and tolerances automatically create inspection reports for first article inspection and in-process inspection Automatically and within minutes! Test it now for free!

Eis uma boa notícia para o Brasil, provávelmente vai ser construído no Brasil, este Jipe, pela Volksvagen:

Volkswagen unveils Taigun compact SUV concept in Brazil

Darren Quick

Volkswagen has taken the wraps off its latest concept vehicle at the São Paulo International Motor Show in Brazil. Built around the Volkswagen Group’s New Small Family (NSF) platform used on the Volkswagen up!, the Taigun is a compact SUV concept vehicle styled after its bigger brothers, the Tiguan and Touareg. VW plans to gauge public reaction to the Taigun before making a decision on whether to put the vehicle into production.

E o grande Ventríloquo e Comediante, Jeff Dunham, vai-se meter na criação dum Super-carrão, para além de ter uma Impressora 3D em casa!

Tinha de aparecer aqui!

O Super-Carrão!

Jeff Dunham: Project Ultraviolet - Challenger SRT - EP.1 

Jeff has teamed up with Chrysler Groups Mopar and SRT brands to design and build a project vehicle that will be unveiled at this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas on October 30th. The SEMA show is the premiere custom vehicle and aftermarket parts show in the world. Stay tuned for the next two episodes!

A Impressão 3D!

jeff dunham

Say "bottle of beer": using 3D printing in ventriloquism

Comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham uses a wide cast of characters in his act - some of whom are 3D printed.
Dunham has always been into technology and tinkering, building his own model helicopters and generating publicity for himself using the web and even an iPhone app. To open his fourth standup special, Dunham used a NextEngine 3D scanner and Dimension 3D printer to put together a custom hot rod featuring his most famous character, Achmed the Dead Terrorist. He scanned in his existing puppet, then printed out a huge plastic version using the printer.

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