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segunda-feira, 15 de outubro de 2012

Arduino, Mindsets, um Cortador de Esferovite CNC, etc.

Um Arduino é sempre bom... Até para enviar mensagens de Texto!

Arduino text'in
Key Features:
24 relays controlled by 4 I/O lines!
Cell phone text using your Arduino.

This project hacks a cell phone to text using normally open relays. After investigating cellular modules on the internet I decided it looks not only rather pricy, but also like a possibility that even after I had it working that a cellular provider might not let me put the device on their network. It seemed like a good cell phone hack was in order to make this work for me.

Mindsets, vão lá sempre que possam, está-nos sempre a surpreender, pelas melhores razões, como amostra, eis um Relógio Atómico, Tinta Condutora, para fazerem Circuitos integrados com Marcador(!), e um Controlador programável, para o que queiram, com botões e tudo...

Build your own atomic clock using this incredible atomic clock receiver.
The signal is taken from a clock at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), which is accurate to within a second in 138 million years!

The receiver drives a stepper motor one revolution per minute, which can then drive a gear train to indicate minutes, hours etc.

A great opportunity to design your own clock.

Non-toxic ink to paint your circuits onto almost any surface for great fun demonstrations of electric circuits.
Teach the fundamentals of circuitry in a simple yet practical way which captures the imagination.
Suitable for LEDs but has a relatively high resistance so not suitable for electric motors.
Here we have a Special Halloween Card Kit which is a perfect demonstration of the technology as well as a great gift idea.
The ink is also available in an easy to use pen.

The IQ4 is the latest in our line of easy-to-use controllers. It is simply programmed using the on-board buttons, without the need for a computer. The two high-power outputs can be used to control motors, buzzers, lights and so on. Each output is capable of driving a motor forward or backward with the direction simply set using the reverse button. The analogue input can be used directly with LDRs, thermistors and similar sensors, as well as switches. The input threshold can also be programmed making the controller extremely versatile.

Já vos falei das possiblilidades da Esferovite, ou Isopor, quando se lhe aplica uma camada de Cold Ceramic, fazem-se peças com a resistência do plástico, mas que se trabalham antes, com ferramentas do mais simples que há, um Canivete e Lixa, já fazem o trabalho!

Pois se se juntar a isso, uma Máquina CNC de cortar Esferovite, com Fio Quente, têem a possibilidade de passar as vossas ideias do Computador para o Mundo real, com peças que se podem usar para alguma coisa!

Pois estamos com sorte, Malta, temos este Site incrível, que nos dá todas as Istrucções, em Vídeo e Pdf.
E ainda por cima...
É tudo feito com um Sistema de Mola-e-Parafuso, com Perfis, e peças de Automóvel, que se arranjam ao pontapé, que dá para construírem uma data de outras coisas, porreiramente bestial!

HobbyCNC Foam Cutting Machine
This article will show you how-to build a CNC hot wire foam cutting machine. Foam is a great building material that is lightweight and inexpensive. With a CNC foam cutter you can quickly build complex shapes including wings and fuselages. The machine works by moving a heated (hot) wire through foam.
The heat of the wire melts the foam leaving the desired shape in the foam. When you are finished you have a "shuck" (unused part) and a "core" (used part). This is the first in a two part series that will show you how to build a CNC foam cutter. The second part will cover the hot wire and hot-wire power supply as well as operating the machine with the software and various cutting techniques.

Bacano, também é o Site e o Twitter do MakerShed, com kits à fartazana, o Raspberry Pi, e toda a espécie de maravilhas, vejam os dois:

The Maker Shed Store

brought to you by Maker Media, the makers of MAKE Magazine, the Maker Faire, and much more. Launched originally as a source for back issues of MAKE Magazine, the Maker Shed expanded rapidly to meet the demand for 'projects in a box,' otherwise known as kits. Now we have a little bit of everything for makers, crafters, and budding scientists, from Arduinos to sock monkeys to chemistry sets .

E que tal, para acabar, um Relógio Falante, com a voz do Dart Vader?

Talking Darth Vader Binary Clock

In this instructable I am going to show you, how to paint a black and white image of Darth Vader and bring it to life by adding a binary clock and making it talk.
If you are not a big Star Wars fan, don’t worry you can use the electronics and code to make any painting say the time. Even with your own voice.

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