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sexta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2012

Uma carrada de notícias!

12 Ímanes de Neodímio, e quase toda a força dos 2 Pólos, no interior deste anel!
Para uma data de experiẽncias bacanas:

The Halbach 12 magnet Array, 10 mm Cubes, Laser Cut Version!
1 - Put the Arrow piece, the one with the Magnet Axis Directions, on the bottom.
2 - Put the first Square piece, the other pieces, with the square holes, aligned and on top of that. Glue the two, on the outside.
3 - Using 4 Magnets as place holders, stack the other 3 Pieces, and glue the lot on the outside.
4 - After finding the North of each Magnet (a Compass South poit points to it) mark it with a Permantent Ink Felt Marker.
5 - Put the Magnets carefully, the arrows point to the North, put them, first 4 spaced 3 places apart, glue the top, then 4 to the right of those, glue again, then the remaining 4 glue again.
That's it! :)

Os Planos estão à venda, na Ponoko.

Cortados na FabLab EDP, que têem de tudo, voltaremos a falar disso, agora, podem lá ir de Metro até Moscavide, e depois, podem ir ao AtlLab, saem na estação da Encarnação...

Querem mexer num Torno Mecânico, como deve de ser?
Cá vai uma ajuda indispensável, da parte de quem sabe, em três páginas bastante elucidativas:


The lathe is a machine tool used principally for shaping pieces of metal (and sometimes wood or other materials) by causing the workpiece to be held and rotated by the lathe while a tool bit is advanced into the work causing the cutting action. The basic lathe that was designed to cut cylindrical metal stock has been developed further to produce screw threads, tapered work, drilled holes, knurled surfaces, and crankshafts. Modern lathes offer a variety of rotating speeds and a means to manually and automatically move the cutting tool into the workpiece. Machinists and maintenance shop personnel must be thoroughly familiar with the lathe and its operations to accomplish the repair and fabrication of needed parts.

Pura diversão, dos nossos amigos da desktop Gremlins, o vosso Carro, à vossa maneira!

Desktop Gremlins is Proud to Present: Paper Projects Session 3 - The Amazing Automobile!

A brand new PAPER PROJECT is available for download at! Session 3 - THE AMAZING AUTOMOBILE. What fantastic vehicular invention can YOU create! Download the template, print on uncoated paper, color and build! Sure, you could make it look like a Land Rover, but why not try something bold? A cheese-mobile! Or add a radar dish so and design it to drive on the moon! Steampunk, anyone? Then cut out your automobile and push and fold the paper to give the paper fibers some MEMORY! See if you can figure out how the little slots near the bumpers slide into each other to help the automobile hold its shape. Enjoy!

Uma compacta multi-ferramenta USB, que serve mesmo para uma data de coisas!

Little Wire: the compact USB multi-tool

A look at a simple yet highly versatile multi-purpose USB tool, and an insight into the experience of creating an open source hardware project.
The Little Wire hardware comprises of only a handful of components, but don't let that fool you as it can be put to many different uses including USB GPIO, ADC and SPI/I2C/UART interface.
In the great open source tradition Little Wire builds upon the work of others, and in particular the USBtiny software implementation of low-speed USB for Atmel ATtiny microcontrollers, Limor Fried's USBtinyISP hardware, and a V-USB ATtiny in-system programmer
Little Wire is an open source hardware design and the schematic, bill of materials and PCB layout are hosted at SolderPad, with open source software provided at GitHub.
It would be easy enough to construct Little Wire using perfboard, you could make your own PCB from the supplied layout and Seeedstudio also provide complete kits.

Duas Impressoras 3D Impressionantes!
A Primeira, a Pandabot, é algo fantástico, pelo preço e pelo aspecto limpo e dum Design sem mácula:


Introducing the 3D printer you've been waiting for. Robust, stable, affordable and elegant
From day one we've kept our design focus of the Panda Bot on our users. We want to enable the creativity of designers and help them leverage the possibilities of 3D printers. Every design decision was made in terms of how it made your life and work easier and more productive.  Because the Panda Bot has been conceived of from the start as a consumer product, it's inherently rugged. It will take interference and keep printing, dampening out errors as it goes.
Our printer's materials and aesthetics were chosen to ensure that our end product belonged on your desk. To get the most benefit from a 3D printer, it needs to be accessible to you and so has to look professional.  
Stable Thanks to the product focused design and key innovations, the Panda Bot keeps running, object after object. Self-calibrating Our innovations take the biggest chore out of 3D printing. Our sensors and software make it self-calibrate, just like a paper printer.
Affordable We're the industry cost leader, taking advantages of design advances and economies of scale to make 3D printing cost accessible to everyone.
We have our custom print queue to make 3D printing more accessible For advanced work and researchers, our printers can take any generated G-code, letting you explore deposition strategies and quantify material properties.


E esta maravilha, um Conceito Inovador que vai dar de falar:



The Rostock MAX is the newest 3D printer by us here at SeeMeCNC.  Featuring a new linear motion design by partdaddy, the cheapskate uses the aluminum extrusion as not only the structural member, but also the linear bearing surface.  The extruder is our modified "Steve's Extruder" that uses push to connect fittings for a bowden extruder setup fed down to our proven hot-end design.  The hot-end platform as well as the Delta arms are all made from incredibly strong, lightweight injection molded reinforced plastic.  The same material is also used in the extruder body to keep everything super strong and light.  Laser Cut framework, injection molded plastic and precision CNC machined parts, all made by us, to bring you what we think is the most outstanding looking "think outside the box" printer design yet.

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