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domingo, 23 de setembro de 2012

Lamello, o Parafuso Mágico, o Caiáque desdobrável, e Instructables para tudo

Isto vai ser usado para muito mais que Mobiliário, como em Máquinas com peças que não se alcançam com nenhuma outra ferramenta...

Lamello Invis Mx

Invis is a totally invisible connector that can be taken apart and reconnected to give a very strong locking joint. Working like a dowel in 2 parts and not requiring any clamping it is suitable for many joints and will overcome design problems where components need to be joined then disassembled and reassembled or where it is just almost impossible to clamp. All that is required is one exposed surface, this would also be ideal for joining worktops. The Invis 12mm dowel is in 2 parts with a central male and female thread and a coarse outer thread which is screwed into a pre bored hole, bring the two components together and using the special ‘MiniMag’ box in a power drill, laying this horizontal to the joint and forward spin to tighten the connector together resulting in a solid joint.

Um Caiáque desdobrável, que se leva no Comboio... Ora assim, as Férias e Fins-de-Semana na Terrinha, tornam-se muito mais agradáveis!!!

Oru kayak folds up like origami

By Ben Coxworth

We’ve already featured a folding rowboat and a folding canoe, so why not a folding kayak? Well, that’s what the Oru is ... and unlike existing folding kayaks that incorporate frames and skins that have to be assembled, it consists almost entirely of one piece of folded corrugated plastic.
The Oru is the creation of San Francisco designer Anton Willis.
Described as “the world's first origami kayak,” it can be folded down into the form of a suitcase-sized box. That, needless to say, would make it much easier than a regular kayak to store in an apartment, stick in a car, check at an airport, or carry through the wilderness.

Sempre à volta com o Rapberry Pi, o Computador numa caixinha, eis como acelerar o bicho, atenção ao sobre-aquecimento...

Overclock your Raspberry Pi - Squeeze more power out of your $35 computer


After recently purchasing my Raspberry Pi, I found many of the Linux distros to be slow and often sluggish. Unless you are using it as a pure media centre, you'll definitely want to try this method to make browsing the web and typing up documents a smoother experience. This method is totally free, involves no soldering and, if you stick with clock rates and don't tamper with the voltage, doesn't even void your warranty. I am in NO WAY an expert, especially with hardware, but this is very commonly done among the Raspberry Pi community and reasonably safe as long as you follow the instructions well.

Míudagem, eis como se começa a Inventar cedo na vida... Mas atenção, as Nerfs devem PARECER Nerfs, fora de casa, para evitar problemas!

Semi-Automatic Nerf Nitron Mod

In this Instructable I'm going to show you how to mod a Nerf Nitron into a semi-automatic gun. You might ask yourself, who in their right mind would turn a fully automatic gun into a half automatic one? The answer is simple, it gives you better control, is lighter and who has ever fired a Nerf Nitron knows how ridiculously slow it normally is. This combined with a voltage mod makes this gun simply amazing (now it takes less than 5 seconds to fire 20 shots).

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