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sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2012

Imprimir 3D em Madeira, Tinyduino, e uma Sonda Aquática

Imprimir em 3D, num material  baseado em Madeira?
Já podem!
Obra do Inventor Kai Parthy, este material vem em Rolos, para o RepRap, pode ser trabalhado como a Madeira, e variando a Temperatura, varia-se a cor do objecto, podendo-se assim simular as cores de várias Madeiras... E os Anéis de crescimento da Madeira!


LAYWOO-D3 allows for 3D printing of (sort of) wooden objects

Ben Coxworth

Usually when we think of materials that can be used in 3D printers, we think of substances that can be melted, like plastic or resin. What we don't think of is wood. Nonetheless, a new product allows users to create 3D-printed wooden objects ... depending on how you define “wooden.”
Known as LAYWOO-D3, the material was created by inventor Kai Parthy. It’s made up of 40 percent recycled wood fiber, combined with a polymer binder. Like other printing materials, it comes in filament spools that are fed into the printer, where they’re melted and subsequently extruded.
Objects made with the material reportedly won’t warp, and can be painted, ground or cut like wood. It will take on a different shade of brown, depending on the temperature at which it’s printed – this means that by intentionally varying that temperature, users can simulate a tree’s growth ring effect.

O Arduino é uma pequena maravilha...
Mas se, ainda assim, precisarem dum Chip Programável MAIS PEQUENO, e mais barato, pois agora, há!

TinyDuino shrinks the Arduino, retains its flexibility

Adam Williams

The popular open-source Arduino microcontroller has been implemented in countless projects worldwide, and this very success has led the hacker community to create several smaller and cheaper alternatives to the Arduino, such as the Digispark. TinyDuino continues in this miniaturization trend but, crucially, does so while promising to retain all the flexibility of its illustrious forbear.

TinyCircuits hacker-in-chief Ken Burns was prompted to create the TinyDuino based on his feeling that the Arduino and Arduino LilyPad were, as much as he loved them, often too big and expensive for use in smaller projects. Therefore, he set about creating a smaller version of an Arduino which maintained the key benefits of expandability and power.

E para a Lua de Saturno, Titâ, irá talvez esta Sonda, para explorar os Mares submersos em Gelo dessa Lua:

TALISE aquatic rover may explore a lake on Titan

Ben Coxworth

Titan is Saturn’s largest moon, and it’s said to be one of the most Earth-like celestial bodies in the Solar System. It has a thick atmosphere, and is covered with a network of seas, lakes and rivers – albeit ones made up of liquid hydrocarbons instead of water. Now, a team of scientists are proposing sending a boat-like probe to Titan, that would travel across its largest lake.
The probe, which is still in the concept stage, is known as TALISE – that stands for Titan Lake In-situ Sampling Propelled Explorer, although it’s also an Iroquois word for “beautiful water.” The plan calls for it to land in the middle of Ligeia Mare, which is near the moon’s north pole. It would then set out on a six-month to one-year mission, taking scientific measurements and obtaining samples as it makes its way to the closest shore.

Mais Chips fantásticos, desta vez, notícias do Designspark, têem muitas mais notícias, mas destaco um super Raspberry Pi, ou será, um PC completo encolhido?
Vocês decidam, mas atanção, tanta fruta, paga-se bem!

New Boards on the Block

Earlier this year the Raspberry Pi set the benchmark for low cost and highly capable embedded Linux systems, but what if you needed something more powerful — a lot more powerful...
The ODROID-X mobile software development platform packs four ARM Cortex-A9 cores clocked at 1.4GHz along with 1M L2 cache, 1G RAM, Ethernet, 6 x USB 2.0 ports, and HDMI and LCD ports.
You don't get something for nothing and, of course, this is much more expensive than a Raspberry Pi, with other considerations including that it won't have anything like the same size of community. However, if you need a high performance embedded Linux system this does look attractive.


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