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quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

Robots em papel, robots de encher, e àgua limpa.

Um Robot de papel, que nos vem do Japão, será mais um Autómato, mas é impressionante à mesma!

E agora, através da Ponoko, um  Braço Robótico inflável!


Inflatable robotic arm for DARPA

It expands from a ball, weighs half a pound, and lifts five pounds.

Depending on who you ask, DARPA is either the monster under our collective bed or they are the masked guardians of civil society. Sometimes both. Either way, they have a history of funding some pretty cool projects. This robotic arm is no exception. It was made by the company iRobot under contract by DARPA as a next-gen combat robot for use in environments too small or too hazardous for human soldiers.
The video after the jump is definitely worth watching. It weighs less than half a pound, inflates from a small ball, and can lift up to five pounds. It’s difficult to believe, but it works.

E algo de bem útil para tanta gente, dois métodos de produzir àgua potável, um com o Sol, e outro, apenas através da Humidade do ar!

Através da Luz do Sol: 

SODIS method of creating drinking water. Everyone should know this.

Even though I already knew you could purify the water this way, I did not know that even if you have boiled the water before storing, it can still be contaminated. Everyone  should read and know this.

Só com a Umidade do Ar:

Safe Water Supply
Pure Distilled Water for Third World Village Residents
A High-Performance Natural Water Still, but with NO flame or fire!

You have noticed that when you have a glass of iced soda, that often droplets of water form on the OUTSIDE of the glass. There are people who think that water is seeping through the glass, but that is not true! What is actually happening is that the cold liquid INSIDE the glass causes the glass itself to get cold (which you know). THEN, when WARM room air happens to pass near that cool glass, the AIR cools down. IF it cools down enough, and if the humidity in the room is high enough, the air cools to below the Dewpoint. What that means is that the cooler air cannot then contain as much water vapor as it normally had, and so droplets of water MUST form on the cool surface as some of the water condenses. This is also why fog occurs (in that case, the water droplets condense around tiny specks of dust in the air) or why basement walls are often damp or why some windows can have water or even ice form on them in winter.


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