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quinta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2012

Façam ASSIM!

Woodmarvels vende agora, também na Europa...
Querem vender o vosso Livro/Jogo/Puzzle/etc?
Façam o mesmo, tratem de vender, aproveitando esta Maravilha que é a Internet, afinal, todos podem fazer o mesmo, não é magia, pá!

Amazon Europe now has books in stock
Although you can get my professionally printed books at, (some of them) and CreateSpace for some time – international customers had little choice but to get the digital version due to shipping costs. Well, you can now order them across European affiliates including:
Keep in mind that these are not the translated books, they are all in English – I’m working on the translation end of things with Chinese being the first which I hope to have available by the end of the year.
Of course, you can buy them digitally at as usual! Next stop… ASIA and hopefully Africa, Australia and South America thereafter!

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