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sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2012

Cria-se para Angola, Ovelhas Negras, e Instructables porreiros

Olá Angola!
Notícias empolgantes da Behance, um stand para iguarias Gourmet, do Designer de Aveiro Pedro Gomes e da sua equipa!

Gourmet Furniture
Designed for Inzu Concepts - Gourmet Felicidade Supermarket in Angola
“Exclusive Gourmet” is the heart of the supermarket GourmetFelicidade - a unique space, where the best product are highlighted through theexuberance of simple forms, premium materials and an exclusive design.
Here the products are carefully exhibited, communicating in visual harmony the best there is in the Gourmet market.

The space was designed, not only to exhibit selected products, but also to allow product tasting sessions or provide support to gourmet events.

“Gourmet Exclusivo”, é o coração do espaço Gourmet Felicidade. Um espaço único, onde produtos de excelência são destacados pela exuberância de formas simples, materiais nobres e um design exclusivo. Aqui os produtos são cuidadosamente expostos, comunicando em harmonia visual o que de mellhor existe no mercado Gourmet.
O espaço, não só se dedica à exposição de produtos, mas a sua súbtil versatibilidade permite a realização de provas dos mais variados produtos e o apoio a possíveis eventos.

Eis a ùltima do Rob Ives, a Ovelhaaa Neeeegra!
Nesta era de Conformismo, ESTA Ovelha, ela diz NÃO! 

Isto é tudo muito bonito, mas o Futuro é imprevísivel, e a Radiação... Não se vê, nem sequer se cheira!
Mas se tiverem um Gameboy, não o deitem fora! Pode ser convertido...

The Radiation Boy (Gameboy Classic Afterlife)


I recently came up with a broken gameboy classic, so i wanted to use the case for something useful. My first idea was to put in a tiny television (aka  LG's HB 620 T) But due to the bad software used in it, i decided to cancel this. Another try with a slightly bigger portable television didn't leave me happy, as i would have had to change the display window of the gameboy too much, which would have led to losing it's original face.

So I left the case in the closet for some weeks until i stumbled upon an old russian geiger counter I bought some 15 years ago on a flea market.

At that time I totally messed up the original case and never was happy with it (obviously!)

Este Míudo pode ir longe...
Mas para já, a Engenhoca, só por si, já é bacana!

How to Make a Siphon Wave Generator


This design is similar to that of US patent 7355298. It's not for profit. I've changed almost half of the equipment used. And the design.

A siphon refers to an inverted U-tube that allows liquid to flow uphill above the surface of the reservoir(a tank with the greater height of water) without the help of pumps, powered by the fall of the liquid as it flows down the tube under the pull of gravity, and is discharged at a level lower than the surface of the reservoir.

So in this Instructable, I'll be demonstrating the concepts behind Siphon Generation. And how to build your own Siphon Wave Generator at home using easily available hardware materials such as pipes.

Waves are a powerful source of solar power. The sun heats the earth causing the air near the ground to heat and rise creating wind. The air over the sea is cooler and therefore falls. This change in wind, causes wind to blow from land to sea. When the wind blows over a body of water the energy of the wind is exchanged to the waves it creates. The power of the waves is concentrated solar power. The power created in the waves is both the movement of the waves and the lifting of the water to the crest of the waves. And therefore these waves can be used to generate huge amounts of energy.

Para terminar, por hoje, cá vai uma ajuda para entender Motores, e Engrenagens de Mudanças!

Understanding Motor and Gearbox Design


Why Spend Time Choosing the Right Motor and Gearbox?
Choosing the correct combination of a motor and a gearbox for a given application is very important, both in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) and in actual engineering projects.  Without appropriate motor-gearbox combos, your team will find that your robot does not function as quickly and effectively as intended, and may have a tendency to burn out motors.

This tutorial will teach you the fundamentals of gearbox design and implementation.  First, I will teach you about motor characteristics.  Next, I will discuss how to choose a motor and gear ratio given application requirements.  I will then provide information about choosing a gearbox, followed by an overview of the motors and gearboxes available in FRC.  Finally, I will demonstrate how to use what you learn in this tutorial in an example problem and point out extra tools and resources if you want to learn more.

This tutorial was made through the Autodesk FIRST High School Intern program.

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