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terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

Seringa Laser, 3D em colaboração, e Vento Off-Shore

Uma ideia 100% Portuguesa, a Seringa Laser, como apenas torna a pele mais permeável, permite administrar Medicamentos sem furar a pele!

LaserLeap is a patented technology to deliver medicines and cosmetics through the skin. It is based on the generation of high-frequency ultrasound using a portable laser and a small device that efficiently converts light pulses into acoustic waves. The acoustic waves are painless but capable of changing the structure of the skin for a couple of minutes, enough time to facilitate the transport of medicines and cosmetics through the skin. The process is safe because the exposure to ultrasound in less than that used in physiotherapy and the skin totally recovers its protective function. The cosmetic outcome is perfect because the skin is not punctured and always looks healthy and intact.

Objectos em 3D numa colaboração online, eis o que nos promete o Futuro, segundo o Blog da Ponoko...

Collaborative, browser-based modelling with Sunglass 
Create and share together 

Sunglass is a web-based 3D modelling platform that emphasizes collaboration and extendability. On its own, it can be used for basic scaling/stretching, scene creation, and sharing.
The big feature is that users will be able to subscribe to independently-developed apps that integrate with the platform. So if you need advanced functions that aren’t part of the base tool, the Sunglass app store will eventually have a number of options available to choose from.
Sunglass is still in development however, and my account was not able to access the app store. (Users are currently being surveyed as to which features they would most like to see.) But, I did take a quick look at the UI and sharing options.

...E para acabar, Vento Off-Shore, na minha opinião, isto ainda vai dar barraca, mas opiniões à parte, cá vai, por meter Portugueses:


WindFloat: The floating turbine

about going beyond limitations

Ulrik Skyttergaard, Project Manager on the floating offshore turbine WindFloat, talks about his desire to challenge the existing ways to create offshore power plants in the deep sea.

The WindFloat project sets the stage for Ulrik's desire to challenge offshore power plant methodology and he now realizes that the play doesn’t always end as one would assume.
The WindFloat project is the first Vestas project, which tests the possibilities of the deep waters and builds on Vestas power generation heritage – a heritage that is counting 20 years into the offshore wind industry. Soon the WindFloat will be part of this line of heritage and yet a step in Vestas’ product evolution. Guiding this product evolution, since March 2010, is Ulrik. 

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