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sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2012

Raspberry Pi com Debian!

Isto é importante, uma notícia do DesignSpark, porque com o Debian, vem para o Raspberry Pi uma data de Software impecável, que se instala fácilmente, sem mais que carregar num ícone...

Raspbian Arrives!

Wednesday 18th July saw the first release of the new official Raspberry Pi Linux distribution, Raspbian. This post covers initial experiences with Raspbian and looks at the major differences between this and Debian.
A number of developer images of Raspbian have been around for a little while, but it wasn't until Wednesday that the first official release, “wheezy”, was announced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The process for getting up and running with the Raspbian image is the same as it was for Debian and simply involves writing it out to an SD card. However, the Raspbian project are also working on an installer and if you prefer to start with nothing and build from the ground up then this may be for you. Although it's worth noting that they say that at this stage in development it can take 8 or 9 hours to set up a fully configured desktop system!

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