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segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2012

Instructables, Burros, e Notícias

Um Instructable para usar em várias ocasiões, todas elas bem-humoradas! 
Sim, também dá para usar em Política, Teatro, ou Futebol, há lá muitos destes...

Donkey Mask with Working Mouth (face puppet)


With a donkey mask you can:
  •   Promote the Democratic Party
  •   Play a practically-themed joke on a farmer
  •   Scare your dog
  •   Make an ass of yourself
  •   Portray Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream
  •   Rob a bank
  •   Reduce your entrance fee at a Furry convention
I make all my donkey masks at TechShop.

Como as Pistolas Nerf já fazem parte do Imaginário de toda uma nova Geração, abençoada seja, cá vai um truque bacano para começarem a ser Engenhocas bem cedo na vida...
Sabe-se lá o que não farão, um dia... Discos Voadores?


Nerf Maverick Air Restrictor, Barrel Lock Removal 


So, this is a basic tutorial on removing the Nerf Maverick's air restrictors, increasing power, and removing the barrel locks, which allow the barrels to slide out farther, making reloading easier, plus a few minor mods that help increase power.
What you'll need:

1x Nerf Maverick
1x Screwdriver
1x  Knife
1x Needlenose Pliers
2x Pennies
1x 19mm felt pad

Silicone-based lubricant (check and make sure that it's safe for both metal and plastic)

A pensar em construír o vosso próprio Computador?
DesignSpark ajuda-vos!
Aqui vão umas considerações sobre isso, resumindo, tudo começa na Motherboard...

The right motherboard, key to project success

Contributed by Mark BVM

Choosing a motherboard can be a bewildering process. In the old days there was little to choose from, today it seems endless. ATX, micro-ATX, ITX, mini-ITX, the list goes on. The likes of ATX may seem old hat, but where different types of expansion card slots are required, an industrial ATX or micro-ATX motherboard could be your only option. Since Taiwanese firm VIA created Mini-ITX as a vehicle to promote their CPU chips in 2001, the small format motherboard has become fashionable and adopted by many desktop producers and embedded system builders alike. Care needs to be taken to differentiate the desktop specification from the IPC offerings. A True IPC SBC should be expected to have a production life of at least three to five years. In contrast, the desktop requirement is often to chase specification, resulting in frequent changes and updates. Other popular formats on the Embedded or IPC stage are 3.5" and 5.25" and more recently, the Pico-ITX. Each has its place, dependent on the final application and the facilities required in the target system.

E, para acabar, por hoje, em beleza, vindo do Blogue da Ponoko, que tal uma Impressora 3D desdobrável? Óptima para CSIs e Arqueólogos, entre outros...

FoldaRap: portable 3D printer

A 3D printer suitable for secret agents?
This is the first 3D printer I’d consider worthy of Ian Fleming’s Q character in the world of 007. The FoldaRap is a derivative of the RepRap project, the first to be a truely portable 3D printer. It is designed to fit within a tough travelling case.

The machine was influenced by Emmanuel Gilloz’s frustration travelling to 3D printing meetups with his machine. The typical A-frame structure of RepRap machines are not particularly compact, nor efficient in their use of space. Gilloz originally put together the RepRap family tree, and after about 6 months of development on the FoldaRap, he’ll now be able to add his own portable creation to the replicator genealogy table.

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