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segunda-feira, 18 de junho de 2012

Uma Bicicleta em Madeira, e uma ideia do caraças

Uma Bicicleta 100% em Madeira!
Que nunca nos faltem Ingleses Excêntricos, é o que eu vos digo, e ainda mais, com ideias GENIAIS!

Porque é que eu SEI que esta ideia, do chassis Monocoque, colado,  vai ser usada em mil e uma outras Engenhocas?

Muáháháhá! (risada de Inventor Louco, dos Filmes...)

New SplinterBike Quantum all-wooden bike launched in time for London 2012 Festival 
By Paul Ridden

Around about this time last year, we featured an all-wooden bike named SplinterBike that went on to be viewed by over 320,000 visitors to the Power of Making exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. A second version was used to set a new speed record for 100 percent wooden bikes in August 2011 and now the creator of both, Michael Thompson, has built a special SplinterBike Quantum (SBQ) edition for the 2012 London Olympics. A few design changes have been made to allow a variety of visitors to the Adain Avion event at the London 2012 Festival to mount up and ride an all-wooden bike for themselves, including adjustable seat height and a different gearing setup.

A ideia do caraças!

Do Crowdsourcing já falei, agora também o há em Portugal:

Our Mission
Our mission is to accelerate our client's innovation and research & development activities through an innovative and break-through approach to innovation management based on a prize-based open innovation platform, increasing our client's competetiveness.

...Mas a ideia do caraças, é a de usar qualquer ideia vossa para lançar através do Crowdsourcing, e se agradar...

About this project

What is Scanbox?

Scanbox is an easy to use, affordable and unbelievably portable scanning box that uses your smartphone's camera to take amazing high quality scans. It's easy to set up and packs down flat to easily fit into your bag or brief case. 

"$129,221 pledged of $12,500 goal" 
Isso é 10 vezes mais do que o esperado! 

É boooom! 

...E como eu sou um gajo porreiro, aqui vai mais um Instructable sobre como fazer toda a espécie de coisas em Fibra de vidro:

Making small fiberglass parts...

There has been a small but obnoxious rain leak in the aft cabin of my small sailboat. It looks like the source is where the outboard motor control cables pass through in the cockpit foot well wall. There was just an open hole there and the rain was getting in. That ought to be easy to fix. It just needs a cover that will keep the rain out instead of funneling it into the locker. But where would that come from? Who has the right size and shape in stock? I couldn't find exactly what I thought I needed, so I decided to bite the bullet and make it instead. This picture is the end result. Just a small cover to divert the rain water away from the hole in the wall. This was made in one afternoon and evening - hand laid fiberglass...

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