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sexta-feira, 1 de junho de 2012

Instructables, Mindsets, e CAD

Isto é para os MUITO pacientes, retrartos em Papel quase, 3D:

3D Layered Paper

This is a simple 3D layered paper project that anyone can do from home. The paper sculpture is simply several layers of cutout paper that enhances and defines the image, making the 2D paper look as though it is 3D. It does take REALLY long to complete but once it is done, it looks beautiful. Hope the steps are clear and easy to understand.

- image (any image you want to use but simpler the image, the better)
- tracing paper
- pencil and eraser
- very nice paper to make the 3D layers
- mat board
- x-acto knife with lots of extra blades
- glue in a container with a small tip

Um Rato em Madeira!
Parece uma Rato com muito Estilo...

Wooden mice by AlestRukov

You need CAD software, a CNC milling machine (you can rent time on it), a lot of spare time and even more persistence.

I don’t like plastic. Instead, I like nature and that’s why I have developed and now produce wooden mice. They are beautiful, pleasant to hold in your hand and make your hand less sweaty.
I managed to obtain a decent result only after five years of work in my spare time. For already more than 4 years I have been using mice of my own production.  During this time, I had to develop new electronic stuff twice to keep up with the times and not lag behind progress.

Isto é porreiro, como fazer Mobília Curvada, da maneira mais fácil:

Free-form curved furniture without molds / Part 1

Ever heard of Zipshape? It's a technique developed by Schindler Salmeron which lets you to draw a free-form profile curve for (say) a piece of furniture, and then cut a series of teeth into two sheets of thick material like MDF. Those custom-cut teeth are very specifically shaped and matched to each other such that they can "zip" together, but only when the sheets are bent into the curve that you drew at the beginning. The result is amazing: free-form bent furniture parts that you can glue up without molds of any kind. Draw a curve, cut the teeth, slather glue, stick it in a vacuum bag, and let it set.


Mindsets volta a brilhar, com estes Materiais que reagem à Luz, e Micro-Motores e Controladores:

E nunca mais tenham problemas de Traducção, entre Formatos CAD, Màquinas CNC, etc, com este Programa:

Re-Post – The NC Translator

Quickly change from machine-to-machine.
Proven legacy programs can be re-used.
Multiple machines can be supported from one program.
Production changes can be adjusted on the shop floor.
Independent of where NC files were originally created, Re-Post "The NC Translator" provides Fast and Simplified Forward and Reverse Post Processing and Flavoring of NC-Code to quickly change from machine-to-machine or satisfy any shop floor formatting needs.
Re-Post is affordable, user configurable and easy to use. Proven legacy programs can be re-used, multiple machines can be supported from one program, production changes can be adjusted on the shop-floor, and much more.
Re-Post "The NC Translator" provides for Forward and Reverse Post Processing, Flavoring and formatting, conversion, transformation, arc formatting, calculation, analyzing, estimating, speed & feed optimization, family of part programming, sequence number management, space management, and much more.

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