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terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012

Motor a Gasolina que funciona como um de Diesel

Aqui está o bicho, um Motor a Gasolina com as vantagens tanto deste, com as vantagens do Diesel:

Gasoline-powered diesel-like engine could boost fuel economy by 50 percent

By Darren Quick

With both gasoline and diesel engines having their own particular advantages and disadvantages, automotive component manufacturer Delphi is looking for a best-of-both-worlds solution with a gasoline-powered engine that uses diesel engine-like technology for increased fuel efficiency. According to MIT’s Technology Review, such an engine has the potential to increase the fuel economy of gasoline-powered cars by 50 percent and give hybrid vehicles a run for their money in the fuel economy stakes.
Gasoline engines use spark for ignition while diesel engines rely on the heat of compressed air to ignite the fuel. There have been numerous attempts to develop gasoline-powered engines that use compression ignition, it has been difficult to provide the level of control needed under a variety of loads – idling, accelerating, cruising, etc.

O ArToolkit, o Programa de Realidade Virtual, está agora neste formato independente de Sistemas Operativos, o Unity:

ARToolKit for Unity now Available
By inglobe

Inglobe Technologies is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ARToolKit for Unity and a complete overhaul of ARToolKit product line-up and pricing. ARToolKit for Unity ARToolKit for Unity is a set of plugins for the Unity game development environment that allows for the rapid creation of beautiful, full-featured, powerful AR applications, with one-click deployment to desktop and mobile platforms. 

E dêem uma vista de olhos neste visualizador de CAD, com a possibilidade de o testarem, Grátis:

Now available: The new version Kubotek KeyView V11.5! 
Great news: The new Version 11.5 of the innovative CAD viewer Kubotek KeyView is available now! 
Numerous new functions enable you to work even more effective and more productive with CAD files – throughout the supply chain and without CAD system!
New in Version 11.5: 
  • Exploded view With the latest version Kubotek KeyView V11.5 users can easily create exploded views of their CAD models (solids). The user defines the fix objects, the objects to be moved and the distance between the exploded objects - and he will get the exploded view of the part. 
  • Projected area With the new functionality projected surface in the add-on module for mold and die, users can now display and calculate the projected area of an assembly. The projected area is the projection of the shape of a 3D model onto an arbitrary plane. This measure is important for determining the closing force and torque distribution in order to select the right injection molding machine. 
  • Draft angle analysis The previous draft angle analysis function has been replaced by a completely revised function. With this, users can now easily control the draft angles of a part or assembly. The draft angles are shown in different colour shades so that it is easy to see if the part can be machined. Parasolid export Full screen mode This mode does not show the icons but the structure tree can be activated to be able to work with the model. 
  • Online help & PDF help 
  • Even more intuitive user interface The user interface has been further optimized
Test it now for free - Kubotek KeyView V11.5!

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