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quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

Madeira flexível, Soja, ProJet,e Vacas

Da Ponoko na Nova Zelândia, vem-nos este novo Material, Placa de Madeira bem flexível:

NEW material: bendy plywood available in NZ 
Flexible timber for your curvy projects. 
We’re welcoming Bendy Plywood to the Ponoko NZ materials catalog with a big hug. And it can kind of hug us back. That’s because Bendy Plywood can curve and undulate within a radius of 250mm+. It’s an interior grade plywood made of 3 veneer layers of Fuma wood. The total thickness is about 5mm, and price starts at $2.97US for a P1. Bendy Ply is great for model making, cabinets and interior fittings, joinery, and partitions.

Eis uma muito boa notícia, a Soja para tratamento do cancro!

Natural cancer drug available from soaking soybeans 
By Brian Dodson 
A group of plant scientists at the University of Missouri have discovered a new, inexpensive approach to extracting an powerful anticancer chemical from soybeans. The incidence of a number of common cancers (breast, colorectal, prostate, bladder, lymphoma, and oral cancers) is lower in Japan by a factor of two to ten times than in North America or Western Europe (GLOBOCAN 2008). The medical profession is edging toward a conclusion that a significant portion of the reduction in alimentary system cancers and breast cancer is associated with the importance of the humble soybean to Japanese diets. Researchers have considered the medical benefits of the soybean for centuries. However, the modern level of interest began with the identification of the Bowman-Birk Protease Inhibitor (BBI) in 1963.

Eis uma Impressora 3D, para quase todos os bolsos...

ProJet™ 'crossover' 3D printers produce precision parts and patterns with the performance, accuracy and quality available only with genuine SLA® technology.
Both the ProJet™ 6000 and ProJet™ 7000 are available in 3 models - SD for affordable high-definition parts, HD for ultra-high definition precision part manufacturing and MP for dental and medical manufacturing applications. And, if you produce RTV or investment casting patterns, we can help identify the right 'crossover' printer to meet your specific application requirements.

E para acabar... Uma Vaca!

Pendulum powered nodding paper cow  
Only £2.50 at Subscribers of can download this and dozens and dozens and dozens of other amazing projects for free. Membership is only $14.95 / £9.95 for 12 months!

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