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sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

Instructables, e um Telelé especial de corrida!

Como dobrar tubo de PVC, eis algo que pode servir para um sem-número de fins, desde mobiliário faça-você-mesmo, até Cenários, passando por toda a espécie de Protótipos:

Bending PVC pipe - Just because you can

Have you ever found yourself putting in that new sprinkler system for your garden and right in the middle of the project discovered that you are out of 45 degree fittings? With this simple technique, you can heat bend custom fittings in any kind of PVC pipe. The secret to the process is using a controlled heat source and spreading it out. In a word keep: it moving, keep it rotating. (OK, that was more than "a" word) 

Algo para os Fotógrafos, um Espelho escuro, óptimo para esbater o fundo de Fotografias:

Make your own Claude Glass or Black Mirror

Claude glass (or black mirror) is a small mirror, slightly convex in shape, with its surface tinted a dark colour. Bound up like a pocket-book or in a carrying case, black mirrors were used by artists, travellers and connoisseurs of landscape and landscape painting. Black Mirrors have the effect of abstracting the subject reflected in it from its surroundings, reducing and simplifying the colour and tonal range of scenes and scenery to give them a painterly quality.

Uma Multi-Ferramenta para Campistas e Engenhocas, lembrem-se, esta Ferramenta pode ter as peças que vocês quizerem:

Tactical Multitool
When camping, I often wish I had brought a tool along; a hammer, a hatchet, a shovel, etc. Especially on backpacking trips, however, the weight and hassle of carrying 3 or 4 tools is over the top and not worth it in the long run. The Tactical Multitool is the perfect solution. It combines the versatility of a tool shop with the simplicity of any other camping gadget. It especially stands out in its ability to mismatch a number of "heads" in many combinations. The ability to detach, reattach, and swap "heads" makes this a truly unique tool. Whether you're camping in the wilderness or fixing something around the house, there's always the right tool for the job. So, while you read the process I took to make this Tactical Multitool, let your creativity run free and help me think of more ideas to add to this "one-tool toolbox". The possibilities are endless!

E porque não, um Cortador Laser, num Isqueiro Zippo?

Laser cutter hidden in a flip top lighter

There may be times when a fuse needs to be lit or something cut at a distance, a laser is a good way to do it but it needs to be disguised as something more a flip top petrol lighter..... it would be more covert without the engraving but as I am not spying at the moment I don't think it will matter too much :) A word of warning! Lasers are not toys and need to be used with care, lasers should always be used with safety goggles designed for the wavelength being used. Always be aware of others around you when using a laser, eyes are not replaceable! The laser diode used here was the best available when 007 was a boy, much more powerful ones are available now so do your own research to find what you need..... This setup will light stuff easily enough but is weak by modern standards.

E que tal, para acabar, por hoje...
Um Telemóvel Faça-você-mesmo?
ESTE, será mesmo feito como vocês queiram...

Olha, aqui está uma nova Profissão, Telelés feitos à medida!

DIY mobile phone made from $150 worth of parts

By James Holloway

MIT PhD student David Mellis has designed and built a fully operational mobile phone, named the DIY Cellphone, using about US$150-worth of parts.
What's more, he's published source code, circuit designs and case designs on GitHub so that others can do the same. The phone features a quad-band GSM module and 1.8-inch 160x128-pixel TFT display, but its most eye-catching feature is plainly the laser-cut plywood and veneer body.
Mellis describes the project as an experiment into the individual, customized construction of the what is usually the most ubiquitous of mass-produced gadgets: the mobile phone.

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