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quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2012

Bodes Lógicos, Arduino, e Sculpteo em Grande Formato

Não, ainda não dei em Doido Varrido, (penso eu), eis um jogo-de-palavras típicamente Britânico, de Logic Gates (portas lógicas) para...
Logic Goats, Bodes lógicos!
E o Génio, e Talento, deste Britânico é evidente:

xor goat

Finally! The xor-goat! Just what you needed to complete your Logic Goat set.
Just like the rest of our Logic Goats, the xor-goat is to silicon logic gates what the and-goat is to the and-gate. Download, print out and make this paper model then, when you press one button OR the other button the goat nods. But not if you press both. Hence the 'x', which stands for Exclusive.
As usual, the download comes with all the parts you need ready to print out, you'll just need add some glue, a few coins (to act as weights) and some basic tools.

Vejam só o Vídeo, Fantástico! 

O Raspbery Pi já faz das suas, eis um bacano que o pôs a comunicar com uma Placa Arduino:

Raspberry Pi and Arduino

The Raspberry Pi is creating quite a storm of interest. I have just got mine and one of the first things that I wanted to try was to get it talking to an Arduino over USB using Python.

.. and you know what? It proved to be a lot easier than I expected. This is mainly because, after all, despite its diminutive price tag, the Pi is just a Linux box. I got communication working both ways, with the Arduino sending 'Hello Pi' to the Pi and at the same time, testing for a digit coming in. When it receives a digit, it flashes the number of times indicated by the digit.

A Sculpteo dá-vos agora a oportunidade de Fabricar EM GRANDE!

Sculpteo Now 3D Prints in King Size!

You can now 3D print very large objects in polyamide on! Time has come to think BIG.
The new maximal dimensions for white plastic 3D printing are: 677mm x 368 mm x 565 mm (26.6 inch x 14.4 inch x 22.2 inch). Perfect for end products, big mechanical parts, figurines, real-size prototypes or models!
Our white plastic is a strong white polyamide material which has a grainy texture and is slightly porous. It allows any kind of finishing: painting, sanding to make it look exactly as you desire it.
You can create complex parts and mechanical gears with it. It is also a pretty flexible material when your parts are thin.
The minimum layer thickness of our white material is very thin: 0.1mm (0.003 inch). Resolution is very good with details appearing at 0.3mm (0.01 inch)



Para o final, este Sintetizador outra possibildade que a Ponoko vos oferece, lembrem-se Electrónica mais placas cortadas a Laser, mais Crowsorcing = Engenhocas Felizes!

NTH Synth: a DIY electronics + open-source hardware + crowd-funding + Ponoko fairytale

Meet the makers of the NTH Synth, following their successful Kickstarter campaign
This mouth-wateringly good looking machine is the NTH Synth, a product that was recently crowd-funded on Kickstarter. I interviewed the guys behind NTH Synth about DIY electronics, designing for Ponoko, and how to get your crowd-funding campaign to stand out from the crowd.



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