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segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2012

Veliac, Pontiac, e Hermes

Veliac, um Triciclo Elećtrico que não chateia, nas curvas, porque todas as 3 rodas permanecem na estrada, quando curva...

Veliac Three adds cornering capability to the electric trike

By Chris Weiss

Typically the terms "tight handling" and "electric three-wheeler" are mutually exclusive, particularly when you are talking about the "two-at-the-back, one-at the-front" designs. Joining Adiva and a number of other manufacturers we've looked at in recent times, London-based electric bike manufacturer 50Cycles is looking to marry the two by introducing tilting functionality into the equation. The company's Veliac Three electric tricycle uses a new lean mechanism designed to ease maneuvering around corners and curves.

E que tal um Pontiac, esculpido em Gelo, por uma máquina CNC, feita de propósito para Gelo?

Resta-me apresentar-vos o Hermes, para um Turismo em Órbita!

Hermes spacecraft aims to join tourism space race

By Darren Quick

We’ve covered numerous projects seeking funding through Kickstarter but none as ambitious as the project from Phoenix, Arizona-based STAR (Space Transport and Recovery) Systems. Rather than looking to get yet another iPhone case off the ground, the STAR team is seeking funds to aid in development of its Hermes spacecraft that would compete against the likes of Virgin Galactic and Space Adventures in carrying private passengers and payloads into space.

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