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sexta-feira, 20 de abril de 2012

Policarbonato em 3D, Madeira Líquida, Mineiros do Espaço, e RS, com notícias da Raspi!

Notícia trazida através da Ponoko
O Policarbonato é resistente como'um raio, e por isso, isto é uma boa notícia, já há quem Imprima em 3D, usando Policarbonato!

3D printing with polycarbonate 

Durable plastic for durable prints

Ever needed to 3D print something in a strong, clear material? It’s always exciting to see hobbyist printers being used with non-ABS/PLA materials, and polycarbonate is no exception.
From what I can tell, RichRap was the first person to use polycarbonate in a hobbyist device back in mid-2011. Those efforts were followed-up on by Luke and Alex of ProtoParadigm, who wrote a thorough blog post on the subject.

Madeira Líquida!
Eis algo que vai dar brado, para toda a espécie de Engenhocas...

Calligaris introduces the use of "Liquid Wood" to its furniture collection

By Bridget Borgobello

During Milan Design Week 2012, Italian furniture maker Calligaris has introduced a chair made from Liquid Wood, a composite biomaterial consisting of polymer and wood. It is said to be 100% recyclable, and is produced with raw materials that are easily available and renewable.

Liquid Wood is molded like a normal thermoplastic polymer, reportedly allowing for versatility and high performance in terms of durability, resistance and flexibility. The material is mainly composed of lignin and cellulose, which are found in the cells of plants.

Já há quem pense em minerar os Asteróides, e porque não, se eles lá estão, à nossa espera?

Is asteroid mining about to begin?

By Brian Dodson

Planetary Resources, a new player in the commercial space industry, is backed by a host of tech and aerospace luminaries with an integrated personal net worth on the far side of US$30 billion. A press release from the company hints that it will look to establish asteroid mining operations in space.
The President and Chief Engineer of the new company is Chris Lewicki, president of Arkyd Astronautics and former NASA Phoenix Mars Lander mission manager. A press release states, "the company will overlay two critical sectors – space exploration and natural resources – to add trillions of dollars to the global GDP. This innovative start-up will create a new industry and a new definition of natural resources."
Various Internet sources speculate, based on this statement, the name of the company, and the past interests of some of the officers and investors, that Planetary Resources will be aiming toward asteroid mining, probably with a strong robotic slant. Some types of asteroids are profligate ores of the noble metals, such as gold, platinum, iridium, and rhodium, and thus ripe for exploitation.

RS Components merece destaque.
Quer pela quantidade de coisas porreiraças que vende, para os Engenhocas, desde, é claro, Componentes Electrónicos, e Mecânicos, passando por Pendisks para encriptar os vosso emails(!), Telemóveis, até este Alicate, para trabalhos do caraças, vocês já deram com eles...

Mas também, porque nos presenteiam com relatos dos felizardos que já receberam um RaspberryPi:

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