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quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2012

Medicina e Tecnologia

Estas duas Gerigonças são muito importantes, porque podem salvar vidas!

O SmartWatch detecta possíveis ataques Epilépticos, e avisa, se o paciente não puder, alguém pelo telemóvel;
E na Universidade Johns Hopkins, está-se a estudar Software que pode até parar os ataques!

New technologies detect seizures, and could possibly even eliminate them

By Ben Coxworth

Seizures can be very scary experiences for people who suffer from them, especially since they may sometimes result in the need for medical attention. Unfortunately, they often come on so fast that the people getting them aren’t able to get out a call for help beforehand – they simply have to ride out the seizure on their own, and hope for the best. Now, however, two new technologies may be able to help.

A wearable alert device

The watch, known as the SmartWatch, is made by California-based tech company SmartMonitor. It can be worn 24 hours a day, and detects repetitive, excessive arm motions outside of the user’s regular movement spectrum, associated with grand mal seizures.

A system to stop seizures

At Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University, meanwhile, assistant professor of biomedical engineering Sridevi V. Sarma is leading research into software that could more efficiently stop seizures before they happen.

Currently, when people are prone to seizures that don’t respond to drug treatment, they sometimes have electrodes surgically implanted in their brains. Algorithms running in an accompanying electronics package monitor the brain’s electrical activity, and cause the electrodes to administer a electrical pulse to the brain, when seizure-like activity is detected. While this setup is often effective at stopping the seizure from proceeding, it is also very prone to false alarms.

Em Àreas onde falta tudo, eis uma maneira de desinfectar as mãos, por Plasma, que elimina Bactérias... Que é uma limpeza!

Battery-powered plasma flashlight makes short work of bacteria

By Darren Quick

An international team of scientists has created a handheld, battery powered device that has been shown to effectively rid skin of bacteria in an instant by blasting it with plasma. The plasma flashlight, which shouldn’t be confused with a plasma torch that will damage much more than bacteria if used on the skin, could provide a convenient way for paramedics and military personnel to deal with harmful bacteria in the field.
The self-contained device is powered by a 12 V battery and doesn’t require any external gas feed or handling system. The plume of plasma it generates is between 20-23°C (68-73.4°F), so it won’t damage the skin. It is also fitted with resistors to stop it heating up and becoming too hot to touch. Its creators say it can also be easily manufactured at a cost of less than US$100 per unit.

Não tem muitos usos Médicos, mas muitos usos na Oficina, um Aquecedor por Inducção:

30 kVA Induction Heater

Induction heaters are used to heat conductive materials in a non-contact process. Commercially, they are used for heat treating, brazing, soldering, etc., as well as to melt and forge iron, steel, and aluminum.
This Instructable will walk you through the construction of a high-power (30kVA) heater, suitable for melting aluminum and steel. Note that to take full advantage of this design, you will need a 220V outlet, at least a 50A single-phase one and preferably a 50A or 60A 3-phase outlet

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