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segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

Lego às carradas!

É pó Menino e pá Menina, e para uns Passarões que ainda hoje, gostam de Lego: 

Lego e mais Lego no Campo Pequeno

por Elisabete Silva

Ao entrar, o difícil é decidir por onde começar. Três milhões de peças de Lego compõem cidades, monumentos, naves espaciais, comboios... É a maior exposição em Lisboa do género que promete atrair crianças e adultos.  

O T-Rex tenta dominar a praça do Campo Pequeno, mas o seu tamanho rivaliza com o tigre, o urso ou o camelo (que pesa 500 quilos). São sucesso garantido por serem vistosos, mas é nos pormenores que está o mais apetecido na exposição que hoje abriu portas.
Na cidade espacial nada falta. Naves, comboios, radares, com direito a movimento para dar mais realismo. Mas numa cidade mais "real", também é impossível não se ficar perdido em tanto pormenor, cada um correspondente a horas e horas de trabalho.

Continuando na pura Diversão, Estudantes do MIT transformaram um Prédio, num jogo de Tétris!
C'um caneco!

MIT students turn whole building into huge game of Tetris 
By Paul Ridden
 The two-hundred and ninety-five feet (ninety meter) tall Building 54 on MIT's Cambridge campus has become the canvas for a number of carefully planned and daringly executed visual displays over the years, not strictly allowed by the administration but often looked upon with some appreciation. The building is home to the Institute's Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science (EAPS) and has a host of meteorological instruments and radio communications equipment on its roof - but its the grid-like windows to the front that have become the main attraction to hackers, as they are known. The latest hack is the successful realization of a long-standing challenge, a huge playable game of Tetris.

...E que tal fazerem a vossa própria Máquina CNC?

Make Your Own DIY CNC

This instructable outlines the assembly process of my 2nd generation CNC machine which I designed to be simple to build and quiet enough to be apartment friendly. I have included example projects that I have made in the first two weeks of using the machine to demonstrate its capabilities.

This is the second CNC machine that I have designed and built. My first machine was based off of
oomlout’s instructable “How to make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily)” (by far my favorite instructable and the one that got me hooked on the site). It was moderately successful, cutting a number of parts from foam (a summary of parts made can be found on my abandoned blog here along with some build photos). The lack of overall stiffness and play in the linear mechanisms meant that plywood and plastics could not be cut effectively. The biggest downfall of the machine was the difficulty to setup and square the axes and lacked the ability to make fine adjustments once set up. The drive pulleys were sandwiched between the gantry sides and if a pulley loosened the entire gantry structure had to be disassembled and put back together and squared all over again (a couple evenings of work).


Uma grande notícia da malta do Arduíno, mais específicamente o Daniel Berenguer estas Miniaturas Wireless, vão dar para realizar muita ideia...

panStamp - Wireless Arduino-compatible miniatures

Dear group members, we are in the process of releasing our new low-power wireless pansTamps. These modules are programmable from the Arduino IDE. Availability of libraries, stack, Python tools and a web-based automation platform called Lagarto. Simple and rapid upload of values to the cloud (Pachube, ThinkSpeak and We're also running a campaign on Indiegogo in order to get funds for the project:


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