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domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Instructables, e uma grande ideia

Isto vem mesmo a calhar para um gajo se armar em Cientista Louco...

Plasma Display Steampunk

This was a week-end project I created from a 6" black and white TV and a large neon bulb a friend sent me from overseas,
the smaller bulbs I found at a second hand store, I wish I didn't have to say this, but this project uses VERY HIGH VOLTAGES,
it uses the out put voltage of the TV's flyback I'm not sure the exact voltage but I'm guessing around 20,000 volts, it can burn, cause a heart attack and is just plain miserable.

O Calor vem aí... Não é bem um Ar Condicionado, mas dá um jeito...

12 volt air conditioner

To build a 12 volt air conditioner or body cooler you will need mostly the same items.. -flexible hose and clamps -12 volt bait well pump (I bought the 500 gph model, way over kill on the flow rate but cheap) -wiring -cigar lighter plug -largest cooler you can fit in the area it will sit. (air conditioners are rated in BTU's, the smallest ones for sale cheap are the 5,000 BTU ones, house and larger ones are rated in tons, this air conditioner will depend on how much ice you can put in it) I found the "marine" coolers the best for what I needed as they tend to be all white (less solar heat gain) and much more rectangular with less bulk (takes up space) mine also has large easy to hold handles (easy to strap into the seat belt in the car, and easy to carry full of ice and water) it also has an external hinge, most hinged lid designs have a air leak around the hinge, the external hinge type have a lid that will lock in place even if you remove the hinges. -zip ties 



E quando Inventores Portugueses, como Vitorino Moreira da Silva, e Fernando Lopes fizeram isto, sem apoio nenhum, por conta própria, foram ignorados...


DARPA Mentor Award to Bring Making to Education

PerlJedi writes "The future of innovation in America is the Maker movement. A new project being announced on the Makezine blog aims to bring low cost innovation and alternative manufacturing processes to schools in hopes of turbo-charging the next generation of inventors in the U.S. From the announcement: 'The new Makerspace program, developed by Dale Dougherty of MAKE and Dr. Saul Griffith of Otherlab, will integrate online tools for design and collaboration with low-cost options for physical workspaces where students may access educational support to gain practical hands-on experience with new technologies and innovative processes to design and build projects. The program has a goal of reaching 1000 high schools over four years, starting with a pilot program of 10 high schools in California during the 2012-2013 school year.'"

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