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sexta-feira, 13 de abril de 2012

Areia robótica, um Concurso da Ponoko, e um Site para Hobbies

Eis uma ideia ambiciosa, Areia composta de nano-bots, que forma Moldes, um sonho prestes a realizar-se para todos os que querem ter moldes para uma Fundição, a partir de ficheiros 3D: 

Self-sculpting smart sand could assemble itself into solid replicas of objects

By Jan Belezina
Research currently underway at MIT’s Distributed Robotic Laboratory (DRL) could lead to an innovative replicative manufacturing technique with the disruptive potential equal to that of 3D printing. Imagine a sand-like material that could autonomously assemble itself into a replica of any object encased within. Incredible though this may sound, the DRL researchers have already managed to build a large scale proof-of-concept, with 10-mm cubes acting as the grains.

Before we go into how these cubes - or "smart pebbles" - work, let’s sketch out the general concept. The idea is to create objects using a subtractive method, where excess material is removed just like when carving in stone. Each grain of smart sand would be a self-contained micro computer. These tiny machines would use an elaborate algorithm to communicate with the neighboring particles in order to establish the exact position and shape of the input object so that it can be replicated.

A Ponoko oferece como Prémio, um Cortador de Papel CNC, vejam este Concurso:

Make a lasercut paper project with Ponoko to win a Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting tool!

If there’s one essential material for creativity it’s paper. It’s so approachable, so familiar, so versatile. And you can lasercut it! : )
We’ve added paper cardstock to the materials catalog at both the Ponoko US and Ponoko NZ laser-cutting hubs. And we’d love to see what kinds of stuff you can make with it: artwork, business cards, product packaging, maybe a Mother’s Day card? We’re even throwing in a nice little prize…
Make a lasercut paper project and you could win a Silhouette Cameo!

E um Site com muitas coisas para engenhocas:


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