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quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2012

Caixa RaspberryPi, 3D, e Som

Já podem ver como encaixa a caixa para o RaspberryPi...

Está à venda na Ponoko:

Um app porreiro da Sculpteo, Som transformado em Relevo, para uma caixa de Ipad!

Sound You Can Touch

No, you're not dreaming...

By now, you've probably heard murmurs of The Vibe, an iPhone case anyone can customize with your favorite sound from SoundCloud. After launching at SXSW this past weekend, we realized seeing is believing: so we made this dance-party worthy video to show you how the waveform magically turns into an iPhone case.

É um sem-fim de boas noticias!
Através da Ponoko, sabemos que podem montar a vossa Impressora 3D, por 700 Dólares, ou a vossa máquina de fresa CNC, por 300 Dólares, na sequência do projecto ShapeOko:

Introducing the ShapeOko 3D printer/CNC kit!

The $300 open hardware CNC machine is here. And it’s also a 3D printer!

Last summer, Edward Ford announced a Kickstarter campaign to support a project he had been coming back to for years: the most affordable desktop CNC machine ever, completely open hardware.
Edward’s project was over 700% funded, and he immediately set out improving his initial design. He also set up, and blogged about his progress along the way.
It’s been 8 months of late-nights in the garage, community feedback, sourcing woes, and huge support. And a few weeks ago the first batch of ShapeOko kits shipped out to his Kickstarter supporters.
ShapeOko looks a lot different these days than the previous laser-cut MDF machine holding a ballpoint pen. : )

It now features extruded aluminum rails from MakerSlide, custom laser-cut steel plates, and an 8″x8″ cutting area with a Z axis height of 3.5″

E eis um Vídeo, de Fundição em Alumnio, com Molde para uma peça oca:

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