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segunda-feira, 5 de março de 2012


Eis um Homem que contribui para a Sociedade, um Engenheiro Inventor que faz Brinquedos Científicos, para ensinar Ciência aos mais novos do Terceiro Mundo, a partir de sucata!

Indian inventor creates children's science toys from trash

By Ben Coxworth

Children in the First World have a lot of choice when it comes to scientific toys. In fact, there are whole stores devoted to selling things like robotics kits, ant farms, and simple microscopes. In the developing world, however, such fancy toys are relatively scarce. So, what's an adult to do if they want to get the local children interested in the sciences? Well, in the case of Arvind Gupta, they show the kids how to make scientific toys from trash.

Gupta's story began in the 70s, when he was an engineering student at the Indian Institute of Technology. While he was there, he volunteered to teach the children of the mess staff, who couldn't afford a formal education.
Upon graduation, he went on to work at Tata Motors, where he helped to build trucks. After five years of doing so, however, he decided that it wasn't the career for him. In 1978, he took a one-year leave from his job, and took part in the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Program. "The objective was to make science fun and exciting for village children using simple, low-cost materials available in their environment," he told us. "This experience had a profound impact on me. I thought it was much more satisfying than making trucks."

Continuando no campo das Ideias Meritórias, uma Engenhoca que detecta doenças, para locais remotos, dando resultados em pouco tempo!

Portable device instantly detects diseases

By Bridget Borgobello

Infectious diseases these days seem to have gotten a lot of attention, with media hype and threats of pandemics often being portrayed in apocalyptic sci-fi movies. We all know that several types of these diseases can spread rapidly, and it is crucial that doctors be able to identify them quickly in order to prevent an epidemic. Unfortunately, current testing methods can take hours and even days, delaying the process of adequate prevention. It should then ease your mind to hear that researchers at the University of Tennessee have invented a device that can rapidly detect these unwanted afflictions.

E agora, mais um momento de maravilha!
Levando a robótica para as Obras, um Robot que constrói e também modifica estruturas, numa armação estilo Andaime!

Constructor robot assembles and disassembles structures as it climbs

By James Holloway

Researchers at Cornell University have built a robot prototype capable of navigating a three dimensional truss structure, disassembling and reassembling the structure into new forms as it goes. The project hints at a possible future when buildings and robots may be designed in close harmony for autonomous buildings maintenance.

The robots are fitted with specialized 3D-printed bi-directional gears and joints tailored specifically to the structural components. They are hinged at the middle allowing them to flex through ninety degrees in order to navigate from vertical to horizontal rods and vice versa. They are also equipped with a rotational mechanism allowing them to twist around the pole as well as to unscrew rods from the structure itself.

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