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quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012

Inquérito para a Open Hardware, e boas notícias

Criam Engenhocas que toda a gente pode fabricar?
Eis um Inquérito para vocês:

Open Hardware Community Survey

In an effort to better understand who we are as a community, as well as why and how we use/make open-source hardware, a few of us* created a survey. Please participate so that we can promote open-source hardware and serve you to the best of our abilities!
The survey will be up until April 15, and the aggregate results will be made publicly available in the form of a report consisting of graphics, percentages, and anonymized quotes. By publishing your (anonymous) responses, we hope to provide the public with insights into the practices and experiences of the people involved in open-source hardware.
Take the survey!
*Catarina Mota, David Mellis and John De Cristofaro

Uma boa notícia, a Fibra de Carbono do amanhã poderá vir... Dos sacos de plástico!

Tomorrow's carbon fiber could be made from plastic bags

By Ben Coxworth

Thanks to research currently being conducted at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, our unwanted plastic bags may one day be recycled into carbon fiber. Not only that, but the properties of the fibers themselves could be fine-tuned, allowing different types of carbon fiber to be created for specific applications.

The Oak Ridge team, led by materials scientist Amit Naskar, start with polyethylene-base fibers – these could conceivably come from waste plastic sources, such as shopping bags and carpet backing scraps. Using a “a multi-component melt extrusion-based fiber spinning method,” the surface contours of these fibers can be customized, and their diameter can be manipulated with submicron precision. It is also possible to control their porosity.

Bundles of these fibers are dipped into a proprietary acid chemical bath. A process known as sulfonation causes the plastic molecules to bond with one another, transforming each bundle of fibers into one joined black fiber.

...E que tal ter todos os vossos pagamentos facilitados, por esta ideia apresentada por um Tuga?
Atenção, tem uma versão... GRÁTIS! 


Either you are a company selling online, a service provider with monthly fees, a club with recurrent payments or an association raising funds, with Easypay collecting payments just became easier and flexible.

With over 10 years of experience in electronic payments systems, Easypay staff had been part the first portuguese electronic payments CRM and member of the board at Visa SET - secure electronic transactions.

At Easypay we put all this expertise at your service on a unique platform which ables you:

Increase your sales by accepting new payment methods
Suitable for any type of payment, from an invoice to an online shop purchase and for direct debit.

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