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quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

Dióxido de Carbono

Eis uma demonstração do uso de Dióxido de Carbono, para Moldes de Fundição:

Uma noção intrigante, mover-se propulsionado pelo Vento, mas mais rápido que o próprio Vento, vem com um Instructable:

Material mais barato, na Sculpteo, tanto em Braco, como em Multicolor, onde é a 30% menos!

Massive Price Reduction on our materials

Sculpteo is lowering the prices on multicolor material and white detail resin. It's a permanent almost 30% discount for the multicolor material and up to 20% for white detail resin
Discover new prices : multicolor material and white detail resin

Também da Sculpteo, como fazer os vossos Objectos à venda, no  Material e ao tamanho que o Freguês queira:

Lock Materials and Size for your Customers in your Sculpteo Store

Some of you wrote us to ask for new customization features, as you noticed that customers were more and more interested to customize their objects to have them 3D printed.
We listened to you, and we worked to bring you some cool new customization features!
You can now select in which materials and sizes will be your object available. You customers will then be able to choose the material and size they like the most before to have it 3D printed by Sculpteo.

Mais um Instructable, como fazer uma Turbina Eólica em casa:

The Nozzle/Diffuser wind turbine

This is a step by step guide on how to  build a wind turbine by maximizing the wind speed using a nozzle/diffuser approach.
This approach was considered through various testing and prototyping to try and increase the efficiency of the wind turbine.



E um novo Material à vossa disposição, na Mindsets, descubram as suas potencialidades:


This material behaves and feels like no other and could be described as a ‘dry fluid’. Micromass can be moulded in its natural dry state to retain astonishingly fine details such as finger prints, but can also flow under pressure like a hydraulic fluid.
Micromass consists of glass micro-spheres held together by a permanently sticky non-toxic bonding agent. It has a very low density and unusual mechanical properties that point to many novel applications - e.g. simulation of fracture patterns in solids and semi-solid masses; thermal insulation; impact absorbing composites. Its full potential remains to be explored and this makes it especially valuable as a wow factor material for capturing the interest of pupils and students.
Instant demonstration: Fill a small syringe with Micromass, compact it with the plunger and then blow from the opposite end to eject a perfect cylinder. Please note: colour may vary. Contains 75g of Micromass, 20ml syringe and product information sheet.

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