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domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2012


Wow Stuff, uma prova provada que o Povo da Grâ-Bretanha continua a surpreender, também, e pelas melhores razões;

E um dos seus Produtos, dum Inventor do caraças, o grande Jaimie Mantzel, ora, eis uma maravilha fantasmatástica:

Inventor claims this robot is "the greatest toy in the universe," might be right

By Jonathan Fincher

If you're going to call your invention "the greatest (fill in the blank) in the universe," you'd better be prepared to show off something truly amazing. Luckily for toy maker, Jaimie Mantzel, he may be onto something with his remote-controlled, six-legged robot. It may not have a name yet, but with its various attachments for shooting different projectiles and break away battle armor, it's sure to show up on some Christmas lists in the future.

E a malta bacana que vende a Invenção:

About Us

We aim to sell the highest number of gifts, gadgets and toys per square foot within the stores of our major retail partners.
Every product we create goes through the most stringent testing and factory audit procedures to ensure they meet the values of the brands they represent. By providing great licensed brands, in-house developed products and innovative ways to bring them to life, we are focused on increasing shareholder and retailer value.
We are continuing our aim of inventing and bringing to market fresh, exciting and innovative products with mass market and international sales appeal. Our stuff is now available in the USA, France and Germany and we're targeting 40 more countries over the next 3 years. We really do invent our stuff too, as opposed to sourcing stuff that's already sitting on a factory shelf somewhere and being sold by loads of different people in loads of different countries.
New 'invented here' products will increase by more than 300% over the next 36 months and we're targeting sales revenues of $250m, (this figure used to say £75m but we're more excited by our new stuff than ever). This makes us one of the fastest growing privately owned British companies; the really very nice people at the National Business Awards said we were none too shabby and gave us a lovely award for our Growth Strategy. Oh, and for our Marketing Strategy.
P.S. We know we're a little bit up our own bottoms sometimes, but if you hide your light under a Bushel* who's going to see it?

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