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quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2012

Plástico, Papel com plástico, CNC, e Vento

Para quem pensa que o Plástico não serve para os seus Protótipos, que é muito frágil, eis este exemplo:

How to make a Polymer AR-15 Lower at Home

Sebastian and a friend have described in detail their latest successful attempt at making an AR-15 lower at home. They used a CNC mill to machine the lower out of a block of Delrin.

Neither of the pair were machinists. Anyone with enough motivation can learn how to make an AR-15 at home. If you can't afford a CNC mill, you could always build one yourself.

Voltando aos Materiais e ao que se vai inventando, eis um Material híbrido, Papel-Plástico, será que é assim que se vai finalmente produzir em 3D, sem gastar uma Fortuna?

The shell of your next device could be made of paper ... partly

By Ben Coxworth

It's possible that your next laptop computer could contain parts of your present-day notebook ... not your notebook computer, mind you, but your actual notebook. At least, it will if China's PEGA Design and Engineering has anything to say about it. The company's new Paper PP Alloy, made from a combination of recycled paper and polypropylene, is intended for use in the shells of consumer electronic devices.
According to PEGA, not only is the material strong and flexible, but it is also recyclable and reusable, and it's inexpensive to produce. Additionally, because it can be injection molded, it could be used in existing production facilities without having to make extensive changes.

E que tal uma Turbina que não se tem de empoleirar a 20 Metros, em torres ridículas, nem faz um barulhão?

Versatile Wind Harvester breaks from traditional turbine design

By Paul Ridden

From huge kites to sea-bound flywheels and roof-top installations to tree-like art creations, we've seen many different approaches to capturing energy from the wind. One design, though, reigns supreme - the tri-blade turbine tower. It's not exactly a trouble-free life at the top and there are those who do not look upon these monsters favorably, most often complaining about the noise and the not so picturesque view. With support from Nottingham Trent University's Future Factory project, Heath Evdemon is currently building a new type of wind turbine called the Wind Harvester that's claimed to be virtually silent, doesn't need to loom high over the landscape and can operate in a variety of wind conditions.

E que tal, um carro novo, em que estacionam 3 no espaço dos actuais?

Hiriko - the fold-up electric two-seater set for 2013

By James Holloway

That the Hiriko electric car prototype is small is obvious to anyone. Perhaps less obvious is that, in parking, the Hiriko becomes even smaller. Thanks to a folding mechanism that tucks the rear of the car in under the chassis, the Hiriko's length can be reduced to the width of an ordinary automobile. The result? It's possible to park three Hirikos in a single parking bay.

Para concluír, ainda mais um Vídeo sobre Maquinação CNC:

E como sou um adepto de FAZER ALGO, em vez de se andar a chorar, e ficar-se num Bem-Bom que sufoca, eis que apareceu uma E-revista grátis, de auto-aperfeiçoamento, vejam se gostam:

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